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Haz reviews
  • Vlad Catalin
    Great and cheap product
    Usualy it\'s hard to find a great product with a small price. This is one of this kind: cheap and great.
    - good angle
    - macro lens make good photos
    - comes with lens protection and caring case
    - easy to use

    Jun 04,2016

  • Andranik Kamalyan
    Camera Lenses
    Cool thing to get for making interesting pictures,
    lenses are made very well, mount clip is adjustable, so it fits to big assortment of phones and tablets (which has camera of course ;D).
    Lenses are fit to clamp by screw style
    Also item is good packed, every lens has its own bag, and dust-proof cover to avoid dirt and drops of water from lens

    Jun 21,2016

  • Anton
    Excelvan Fashionable 4 in 1
    Качество хорошее. Увеличивает достойно. Удобное кольцо регулятор для подгонки. Держится крепко, телефон не повреждает. Три линзы: зум самая большая и тяжелая, макро и рыбий глаз. Использую зум и макро. Зум дает неплохие телефото.
    Каждый раз нацеплять не удобно. Дороговато.

    Jul 01,2018

  • Nina R
    Phone lenses
    Products are as described and they work properly
    I really like the wide angle lens. I took two pictures of my tv from the same distance, other with the lens and other without. I think it's quite nice!
    Not really the best quality. They are decent, but especially the telephoto lens feels cheap and is difficult to focus.

    Dec 29,2016

  • Manuel
    Zoom for nu phone
    Although the package includes fisheye and a microlenses, to me the most usefull is the telescopic lens. I picked this brand for the apparent quality of materials and design and I am not disappointed.
    The clamp design may not allow the lens to sit flash with the back of the phone if the device has curved edges.

    Apr 23,2016

  • willey
    it works buttttt ...
    t works but you really have to adjust it into the right position, if it slips just a bit yr images go out of focus. All in all ok but i would not say great.
    it does not fit particularly on my Sony Xperia Z3.
    if it is aligned, the system has not enough holding

    Aug 23,2015

  • Gkipalis
    Telephone Lens 4 in 1
    Hallo ... i receive the item and is so coo; and easy to use it ... good shipping and value for money...Thanks a lot and im waiting for other sale !!!!!
    Hallo ... i receive the item and is so coo; and easy to use it ... good shipping and value for money...Thanks a lot and im waiting for other sale !!!!!

    Nov 18,2016

  • joaquin
    fashionable camera lens
    low price whit good results.
    the clip offers the possibility of assembling to supports removing and relocating the screw. (Eg on my bike )

    Apr 20,2016

  • Abdulla
    Superb quality and clear view lens
    Can Zoom, wide , fisheye and macro lens
    Please note that wide and macro lens are screwed together
    Very clear images

    Oct 15,2016

  • Marko
    Well worth the money. Gives the same zoom results that my very expensive camera zoom lens would give, at a fraction of the price.
    Easy interchangeable lenses.
    Works as per the product specs.

    Apr 10,2017