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  • Hilary Needham
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    So far so good!!!
    First, thank you very much for the fast shipping, the fact is two days earlier than I expected and packed well. The 7w laser is extremely powerful.... This one is so powerful on some materials that it burns through them faster than my engraver can move (can't turn down power on my engraver) so I designed a quick swap plate to swap this and my laser out for different materials. Very simple. No soldering or cutting required. Great laser, Love it.

    Aug 25,2019

  • osborn
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    So far so good, powerful
    So far so good. 7-Watt 7000mW 450nm blu-ray laser module. Only tried it a few times today after it arrived. Seems to work well... Seems to run cool, electronics seem to run cool too. Couldn't detect any warmth after a few minutes of running. Module came sealed in an sturdy bag, took about a month to arrive, 10-12 days past the arrive by date. Works great! I've run many jobs with it. Hopefully, it will last. Plan to put it on a mostly printed CNC machine.

    Aug 27,2019

  • Griffith Robbins
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    It worked straight away
    I installed on my machine and it worked straight away. I just need to focus the beam and figure out the correct distance to the surface.

    Aug 28,2019

  • Mark Lee
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    So far so good
    Aside from having to instructions it is pretty straight forward to install and get running

    Aug 24,2019

  • hooah
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    Great laser.
    Definitely more powerul than my laser.

    Aug 29,2019

  • Mary Walton
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    Great buy
    great product just long on delivery.

    Aug 26,2019

  • l kalsted
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    Five Stars
    The item was everything I expected.

    Aug 22,2019