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Haz reviews
  • M.McDonald
    Great build!!! But....
    Great little system. Especially for you first build (like mine). I soldered pins to fc. The FC wouldn't work anymore. I looked at pins over and over under a magnifying glass and couldn't find a short. I don't know if that operator error or I just got a dud FC. I ordered a new FC , SPRF3-OSD, installed, and the quad flew way more touchy than I expected. I LOVED IT! I flew for maybe 2 minutes, landed it in front of me, and then...... up in smoke went ESC #3. Did some research to show its a common thing for cheaper ESC's. I was running an 3s 1800mAH 75c battery. Maybe that having something to do with it? Ordering a 1300 45c 3s now and have 30A ESC's on the way. I expected some smoke and learning curves. Great to learn on. I'm loving this new hobby!

    Feb 18,2017

  • ks
    pretty solid to start with
    - delivery was like 14 days over to germany, usual for that distance i guess :)

    - Emax Motors are awesome , they deliver more thrust as i expected
    - the FC has many Options to play with (Barometer / Magnetometer etc)
    - the PDB is nice to handle .. also the Layout helps alot to build it clean, printed detailed Layout included

    - easy to build if you watch some basic tutorials about quads and building them
    - you get a solid base to start with for an fair price imo

    i had alot fun building it and getting into the hobby .. won't be my last quad for sure :)
    - ESC's come with Afro 12A Firmware, not sure if those can be flashed with 20A Firmware Versions - i just updated the 12A Version it comes with to an actual 12A version
    - flashing FC with Cleanflight Configurator didn't work out of the box for me
    - no Spacers or XT60 connectors included to start building as it arrives

    Jul 24,2016

  • Carlo
    Nice DIY/custom build FPV drone.
    This is a very good 'beginners' drone. On youtube, painless360 has VERY much tutorials on how to build. Don't forget to buy nylon spacers to separate the boards and pevent short circuits. The motor's are very good. I recommend training (indoors) with something like the Eachine 010 or the FQ777.
    If soldering isn't your thing, don't do this ;-)

    Dec 13,2016

  • Spedram
    Frame Kit Racing Drone
    Levou 20 dias a chegar, o que é muito bom, estava em excelente estado. sem qualquer tipo de problema, tudo a funcionar e sem danos.

    Feb 22,2017

  • Matthew Cunningham
    awesome kit
    all in one no need to shop around
    nothing yet

    Oct 21,2016

  • miguel silva
    Dubai kit
    Awesome starter kit. Very good motors and frame.

    Aug 16,2016

  • Dean
    dubai 210
    good to learn with for a first build.
    no fpv camera, tx or vtx included.

    Nov 08,2017

  • Dubai 210
    super product
    verry affordable
    ESC are bad

    Oct 04,2017