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  • D
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    Elettrostimolatore di pessima qualità, rotto dopo 10 minuti di utilizzo
    La qualità degli elettrodi dell' elettrostimolatore è pessima. Gli elettrodi per la stimolazione addominale hanno smesso di funzionare dopo solo 10 minuti di utilizzo. L'impressione che la patina che conduce l'elettricità si sia ossidata al contatto con la pelle ed abbia smesso di condurre elettricità (testato con un tester).
    Gli elettrodi piccoli al momento funzionano ancora (circa 36 ore dopo l'arrivo della spedizione).

    Sconsiglio l'acquisto

    Sep 23,2018


    Thank you for ordering with GearBest.
    We regret that the item is not to your satisfaction. Customers are advised to follow our instructions to use this item. If it still not works well for your product, please contact us for help.
    You can contact us through this link: Our customer service will offer solutions to your issue according to our warranty policy:
    Best regards,

    Oct 07,2018

  • evander
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    producto bueno y simple para el precio que esta
    el producto llego en buen estado ,completo y sin daños, lo he usado un par de veces y no es tan fuerte ni doloroso de usar, se siente solo un poco las contracciones musculares en los niveles mas altos pero no es molesto.
    la calidad de los materiales se ven sencillos para el precio en que los compre creo que estan bien.

    Apr 06,2019

  • Peace
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    I bought this thing to try it but i really did not like it, it is like you are being shocked, and it feels weird, it does not feel like you are building muscle. personally i think the beauty of sports is the ability to sweat.

    Mar 23,2019

  • John Evance
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    Works perfectly
    I choose to share my experience with buyers here . it delayed a little to receive but it was same as I saw here with it's manual for easy application.ive started my plan to loose belly fat so I'm hoping it works out good as I want .

    Nov 22,2018

  • Carlos Coronado
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    Buen producto
    llego en buen estado y el envio no tardo demasiado al momento de usarlo se siente los musculos trabajar sus 6 programas de entrenamiento son buenos así como sus niveles de intensidad.
    lo único malo es que usa baterías hubiera sido bueno que fuera recargable .

    Oct 11,2018

  • Sorin Cucu
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    Intelligent Abdominal Muscle Fitness Training Device
    This device is very weak. 2 out of 3 EMS machines work. Pads are of poor quality. Transport time was medium. I do not recommend it.

    Sep 28,2018

  • miki
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    fitness device
    Received it today but did not try it yet so will see later. Everything looks ok. Thanks gearbest for another great buy product

    Nov 06,2018

  • reda taki
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    Appareil Intelligent Abdominal pour Entraînement Musculaire
    Appareil Intelligent Abdominal pour Entraînement Musculaire
    A wonderful product that I would recommend buying
    It lasts for a long time and its price is very suitable for all

    Nov 15,2018

  • papasof
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    Intelligent Abdominal Muscle Fitness Training Device - Black 279066401
    it works as expected. i dont think that it will have any good result though.
    You need to have some muscles in order to just tighten them.
    Overall it is not that bad.

    May 31,2019

  • Donald
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    Fantastic passive exercise device
    Shipping was very fast. Got it working in less than 5 minutes. Gives my abs a solid workout when I'm lounging on the sofa!

    I highly recommend!

    Oct 19,2018