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15,6 pulgadas UHD 4K Pantalla Táctil IPS Delgado HDR RGB 100% IPS Monitor Portátil con Dual Altavoces para Portátil Teléfono Móvil NS
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15,6 pulgadas UHD 4K Pantalla Táctil IPS Delgado HDR RGB 100% IPS Monitor Portátil con Dual Altavoces para Portátil Teléfono Móvil NS

- China 1920x1080 15.6 inches

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Principales Características

Marca: Aiyi
Modelo: SZ-P156
Relación de pantalla: 16: 9
Tamaño de pantalla: 15.6
Resolución: 3840 x 2160
Ángulo de Visión Horizontal: 178 °
Tiempo de Respuesta Negro y Blanco : 5 ms
Tipo de Pantalla: Widescénica
Tipo de panel: IPS
Aplicación: Portátil
Relación de Contraste: 1000: 1
Ángulo de Visión vertical: 178 °
Altavoz Incorporada: Sí
Brillo: 300cd / m
Tipo de interfaz: HDMI
Relación de contraste: 1100: 1
Paso de Pixel: 0,28mm
Característica: Altavoz
Característica: Pantalla táctil
Tiempo de respuesta: 5ms
Color: Negro
Idioma: 12
Certificado: CE FC PSE
Vida del Panel: 100000 horas
Interfaz de señal 1: Mini HDMI
Interfaz de fuente de alimentación: Tipo-c
Puerto de auriculares: 3,5mm
Sonido: Altavoz Incorporada Doble
Interfaz de señal 2: Tipo-c


Tipo de pantalla
300cd / m
Ordenador portátil
Tamaño de pantalla
Tiempo de respuesta
Altavoz,Pantalla táctil,Puerto USB
Relación de contraste
1000: 1
Tamaño de píxel
3840 x 2160
Ángulo de visión horizontal
178 °
Relación de contraste
1100: 1
Relación de visualización
16: 9
Ángulo de visión vertical
178 °
Tipo de panel
Tipo de interfaz
Altavoz incorporado
Tiempo de respuesta en blanco y negro
5 ms
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Opiniones de Usuarios

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  • Sean Agnello
    Great touch screen and very friendly seller
    Great display. Excellent viewing angle, good color, good brightness control effect (although the minimum brightness is not very low, and its PWM dimming), also has good definition control for non-native resolutions. OSD provides multiple languages and a good user interface. For such a thin device, the audio is surprisingly clear. Real 3840x2160 IPS touch panel. There is a red/green standby/active LED. Even when using a 0.5A standard USB port and using a Displayport to HDMI converter, it can work normally. Both Type-C connections can power the display. I did not test the Type-C video function. The provided leather case is a bit fragile but still usable, and the structural quality of the display itself is very good. Equipped with 5V/2A power supply, mini-HDMI, Type-C to Type-A and Type-C to Type-C cables. The shipping time is also a few days faster than my budgeted special line time. In addition, the seller’s service attitude is really friendly. Any questions will be answered carefully. I don’t allow myself to face such good products and good sellers. Recommended reason.

    Sep 22,2020

  • Shannon lowe
    Great replacement for laptop monitor
    My 16-inch Macbook Pro 2019 works perfectly, and I am used to monitor-based settings; this is a new area for me-I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the product. The convenient connection options left a deep impression on me. It comes with many cables-all connection options require all possible cables. The USB-C cable is Thunderbolt 3 compatible. My preferred connection setting: I connect the laptop charger to the monitor; then connect the remaining USB-C port of the monitor to the laptop; there is only one cable in the laptop, so all other ports are available. The only problem with PD charging is that the charger that comes with the product cannot provide enough power for USB-C settings. I replaced it with a laptop charger and it worked. Equally impressive is its top-notch display quality. Although I didn't use any tools to measure the monitor's specifications, it looked so spectacular that I believed the monitor's specifications. I really feel worthwhile for this shopping and recommend it

    Sep 03,2020

  • Donna MACLEOD
    Very pleased and impressed by this monitor
    Not only is a 4K portable screen, it also brings you an unparalleled experience. Good screen, fast service, friendly support and reliable store. One of my best purchases on Gearbest. The device has a very good resolution and provides an additional adjustable environment. Very suitable for Windows 10, Mac OS, DEX, gaming devices and Android TV Box. The support manager is very friendly and can help you at any time and provide great support when needed. It provides almost all required cables and screen protectors! I spent many weeks deciding to buy a 4K touch screen because there are many options on the market. Since opening the box and operating it,...I am glad I bought a 4K touch screen, I got everything I need...especially the quality of the will get better if you spend a little money Experience. Believe this review, you will not be disappointed, because this screen will be behind you for more than five years

    Sep 24,2020

  • Luke
    4K surprises me
    "professional: -4K screen is very clear -Bright colors -10 pt touch screen IPS -Ultra-thin only 5mm Disadvantages: I have no disadvantages, because it comes with all the functions I need. Overall evaluation: The colors are bright and beautiful. I never need to adjust the monitor. Everyone has different tastes. This is a basic replacement for the monitor I used before. The display can handle extreme texture lighting perfectly, and the pixel response is so fast that you will never see or even know its existence. I have watched a 4K movie on this screen and it can indeed be played. The color is great, the white is very pure. In general, feel the entire performance of this screen, including the easy-to-use settings menu. I cannot tell you that I am satisfied with the quality of the display.

    Dec 05,2020

  • giovanni lamarche
    A great monitor
    I am very satisfied with this purchase-I arrived quickly without any defects and everything is normal. Bright, but if you put it next to the Asus Zenbook, you will immediately see that it is a bit dark, and then I realized that I didn’t adjust the brightness haha! The speakers are roughly the same as ordinary laptops. Price-is a great monitor! :)

    Sep 24,2020

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