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Haz reviews
  • Brian K
    The picture quality is good at night but I must say this one - even during the day with the blinds closed - the video is far better than most of the other projectors, i project the video on my wall and the picture clarity is good, i also connected my Roku and USB to the projector - so be it Sling or DirecTV Now I watch on the big screen :-or the movies or videos or photos we shoot

    Dec 08,2018

  • JQ
    The person installing our home theater knew we had an overall budget for the entire project, he selected this projector and when we questioned if we should increase the budget for a better projector he said you will be quite happy with this selection, i ordered it and after the entire theater system was installed

    Nov 20,2018

  • Charlene S
    I just received my new projector and my family is really enjoying it, we wanted a decent projector to use at home to have outdoor movie/movie night with the kids and friends, you just do all your adjustments to make it look good and away you go.This was the best purchase ever, the picture is unbelievable

    Dec 16,2018

  • Debofgreengables
    I have used it for both gaming and movies and the picture looks great and the projector is quiet when I'm using it, connecting to the projector was super easy with the HDMI cable, i have also used the projector with a USB to show off picture to my family

    Nov 08,2018

  • Big John
    I'm not sure what other reviews are complaining about, i also like that it is a small mini projector and portable, the packaging was superb and the overall product exceeded our expectations for the reasons we wanted one

    Dec 13,2018

  • Karisa Serella
    This projector is fantastic, sharp picture with HDMI input for computer connection, it is very hard to beat this projector for the price and I researched many others and they just didn't stack up, the picture was great

    Dec 18,2018

  • Teena
    It compares nicely to the RCA projector about the same price, neither have the real lumens, i have other projectors and the lumens cost more money, it's still a nice projector

    Dec 05,2018

  • Yaki-D
    This mini projector is wonderful, the colors are clear and bright, i bought this LED Mini Projector for a Kids Bible Class and I'm very satisfied with this product

    Nov 06,2018

  • J. A. Bornstein
    I was looking for a good projector to use in the home to watch flicks with the kids, i also did not want to break the bank just to be able to see movies at home

    Dec 01,2018

  • Shoo-shoo
    This is a very good projector for general home and office use, you're interested in a projector this would be the way to go, very good quality

    Nov 30,2018