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Haz reviews
  • Roderick Bryan
    Definitely a good choice
    I don't usually do reviews, but this one had me intrigued and I love this 3D printer from Creality so much so here I am.This machine checked all the boxes for me:1. Large print area (300x300x400mm) - The bed is slightly oversized so it is a full useable area.2. Dual gear extrusion - This design ensures steady and accurate feed rates without slipping.3. Auto level - This design will save lots of time and make using much easier.4. TOUCH SCREEN! - Capacitive! Works quite well, I was worried about the size but the menus and general use work quite well.5. Silent Work - From even just a few meters away, the CR10S Pro is nearly silent.I wanted to let you know that this is one of the highest quality printers I have ever used! You guys have done an excellent job!

    Jun 18,2019

  • Lionel Tennyson
    Great quality printing!
    I highly recommend this Creality 3D printer. The printer was easy to assemble and pretty straightforward. This model has 9 big upgrades, such as auto level, double gear, touch screen, quick heat, and so on, these practical upgrades make the printer much more convenient to use and bring much better prints. The printing area is quite big, so no matter worry about have some big item to print. The whole body of the 3D printer looks very durable and delicate in details, full of texture.Overall I’m highly satisfied with this printer and the way it prints.

    Jun 17,2019

  • Avery Bloomfield
    Great printer for the price
    This printer has done a good job for me, especially considering about the price I paid, so, save yourself some money from the start and buy this one, you will be satisfied you made the right choice.

    Jun 20,2019

  • Gene Dillon
    Fun to do large prints
    The machine operates like any normal 3d printer and produces excellent prints, meanwhile, it has some features that set it apart from others such as auto-level, a filament detector.

    Jun 21,2019

  • Neil Constance
    The perfect first 3d printer!
    This is the best 3d printer I can imagine for a first-time printer owner. I'm super happy with the print quality.

    Jun 19,2019