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Xiaomi Mi 9T Smartphone 4G de Versión Global
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Xiaomi Mi 9T Smartphone 4G de Versión Global

- Azul

6,39 pulgadas Snapdragon 730 Octa Core 6GB RAM 64GB ROM Cámara Trasera de 48,0MP + 13,0MP + 8,0MP Batería de 4000mAh
4.91 507 Opiniones de Usuarios | Refiérase a descripción en inglés.
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Xiaomi Mi 9T Reseñas de Vídeos de Youtube

Xiaomi Mi 9T Descripciones

Desbloqueado para uso mundial. asegúrese de que la red de área local sea compatible. Haga clic aquí Para red de su país. compruebe por favor con su portador / proveedor antes de comprar este artículo.

Xiaomi mi 9T como características de Phablet 6,39 pulgadas te ofrece una experiencia visual vívida y diferente. cámaras 4, 48,0MP + 13,0MP + 8,0MP y cámara frontal de 20,0MP, puede disfrutar de imágenes con 2340 x 1080 de alta resolución. viene con la mayoría de las características que vienen para esperar desde un phablet, incluyendo 6GB RAM y 64GB de almacenamiento de ROM equipado con Snapdragon 730 y capacidad grande 4000 mAh que puede jugar juegos más rápido.

Principales Características:
Xiaomi mi 9T Phablet 4G de 6,39 pulgadas Snapdragon 730 octa core 6GB RAM 64GB ROM cámara trasera de 48,0MP + 13,0MP + 8,0MP batería de 4000 mAh
● Pantalla: 6,39 pulgadas
● CPU: Snapdragon 730 octa core
● GPU: Adreno 618
● Sistema: Android 9.0
● Cámara: Cámara trasera de 48,0MP + 13,0MP + 8,0MP y cámara frontal de 20,0MP
● Sensor: Sensor de proximidad, brújula e-compass, gyro de tres ejes, acelerómetro
● Tarjeta SIM: Nano SIM + nano SIM
● Característica: GPS, glonass, Beidou
● Bluetooth: 5.0

GSM: B2 / B3 / B5 / B8
WCDMA: B1 / B2 / B4 / B5 / B8
FDD-LTE: B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B20
TDD-LTE: B38 / B40



Marca: Xiaomi
Número de modelo: Mi 9T
Idioma: Chino Tradicional (Hong Kong), Inglés, Francés, Chino Simplificado, Chino Tradicional (Taiwán), Filipino, Lao, Malayo, Birmano, Tailandés, Hindi, Indonesio, Vietnamita, Ruso, Camboyano, Hebreo, Nepalí, Bengalí, Alemán, Polaco, Griego, Holandés, Portugués, Español, Italiano, Urdu, assam, Oriya, Sánscrito, Gujarati, Canadiense, Malayalam, Matiliano, Birmano, Coreano, Japonés
Proveedor de servicio: Desbloqueado
Ranura para tarjeta SIM: Dual SIM Nano
Tipo de tarjeta SIM: Dual SIM Nano
Tipo: Phablet 4G


CPU: Snapdragon 730
Cores: 2.2GHz
Memoria Externa: No Soportado
GPU: Adreno 618


2G: GSM 1800MHz,GSM 1900MHz,GSM 850MHz,GSM 900MHz
Conectividad inalámbrico: GSM,3G,4G,GPS,2,4 GHz / 5 GHz Wi-Fi,A-GPS,LTE


Resolución de pantalla: 2340 x 1080
Tamaño de Pantalla: 6.39 in
Tipo de Pantalla: Corning Gorilla Cristal


Enfoque Automático: Sí
Camara trasera: 48,0MP + 13,0MP + 8,0MP
Funciones de la cámara: Belleza de la cara,Detecction de la cara,Captura de la sonrisa,Detección de Sonrisa
Tipo de Cámara: Cámaras traseras triples y una cámara frontal
Luz de Flash: Sí
Cámara Frontal: 20,0MP
Enfoque táctil: Sí
Grabación de Video: Soporte de grabación de video 1080P

Opciones Adicionales

Características adicionales: detección de la gravedad
Versión Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
Google Play Store: Sí
Interfaz I/O: 2 x Ranura para Nano SIM,Puerto de Salida de Audio de 3,5mm,Tipo-C
Impermeable / Resistente al agua: No
Sensor: Acelerómetro,E-Compás,Sensor de proximidad,Girocompás de tres ejes


Capacidad de Batería (mAh): 4000mAh
Tipo de Batería: No extraíble

Contenido de Paquete

Funda Trasera: 1
Teléfono Móvil: 1
Cargador: 1
Aguja SIM: 1
Cable USB: 1
Manual del usuario: 1

Dimensiones y peso

Peso de Producto: 0,1910 kg
Peso de Paquete: 0,4800 kg
Tamaño del producto(largo×ancho×alto): 15,67 x 7,43 x 0,88 cm / 6,17 x 2,93 x 0,35 pulgadas
Tamaño de paquete: 18,00 x 10,00 x 5,80 cm / 7,09 x 3,94 x 2,28 pulgadas

Xiaomi Mi 9T Smartphone 4G de Versión Global- Azul

Xiaomi Mi 9T Smartphone 4G de Versión Global- Azul

Xiaomi Mi 9T Smartphone 4G de Versión Global- Azul

Xiaomi Mi 9T Smartphone 4G de Versión Global- Azul

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Opiniones de Usuarios

4.91 de 5
  • 471
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Ver todo 507 comentario Haz reviews
  • NickUK
    Extremely Impressed! So Far!
    So this is my first time ordering from GB. Initially I made the order and within days I received an email offer for the same device but cheaper than what I had initially purchased. According to GB's website if you find the item cheaper they will refund you the difference within a 3 day period! Well that didn't happen!! Anyway, cutting a long story short, eventually as the item hadn't been shipped out I was given a full refund no questions asked and reordered the device for £226!!! So extremely happy with that. FYI avoid they live chat and raise a ticket instead if you want to resolve any issues, the live chat team seem very pleasant but generally buy themselves some additional time without actually helping with your request.
    I utilised the (free shipping) UK Priority Mail option, the item from being posted to arriving at my door only took 10 days. It was delivered to GB's UK warehouse where I assume they cover the costs for duty and taxes. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ And then passed to Royal Mail utilising there 24 hour tracked service.
    The phone came in a standard plastic postal bag and surrounded by a inflatable protective air bag used for shipping delicate and fragile objects. The box itself was/is absolutely mint, not a scratch or dent on it.
    The Phone:
    I've had the device for just over a week now, and so far it's worth every penny and some!
    Okay admittedly that wasn't necessarily a difficult means to impress me as my previous phone is the now 4 year old Huawei Mediapad x2. Aaaaanyway, compared to the phones I have managed to compare this too side by side (the Oppo 7, Samsung S10 & S10 Plus, iPhone X, among a few others) the phone certainly competes in many respects, build quality, hardware... and in some instances is vastly better, obviously in others like with Samsung's display, it's not quite as good, but still excellent, especially when we are talking 1/3rd+ of the price difference.
    My friend with the iPhone was amazed by the onscreen fingerprint tech, I reassured him the Apple will likely invent this for there phones in the near future! Maybe they will invent the headphone jack too while they are at it?
    I'm no gamer so the 730 SD chip is certainly more than ample enough, and likely for the next year or two, or at least until 5G is actually available to the masses and worthwhile having. But to be honest I don't see the benefits, most people stream as opposed to download, and I don't remember the last time I wanted to watch anything any quicker, other than that one time at the cinema.
    64GB storage, is that big enough? For me definitely yes, I know the 128GB version can be had for a few extra pounds, however I store 90% of my stuff in the cloud, so I pretty much doubt I will use up even half of that 64GB (famous last words!).
    All in all the phone is super fast, looks amazing though will end up looking like every other phone with a case on, has more tools than I will likely every use, and or likely ever discov

    Sep 09,2019

  • pelikano
    Заказал хто чудо с 64Гб на Гербесте за $277 (+$8 страховка, забыл снять галочку) ровно две недели назад. Сегодня курьер DHL доставил в Польшу методом EU Priority Line, и никаких налогов. Вдруг кому будет полезно.
    Короче, девайс понравился, просто бомба. Сходу прилетело обновление до 10.3.11. Пока это всё ставилось, параллельно дозарядил до 100%, и с тех пор уже издеваюсь над ним часов 7 с небольшими перерывами - заряд опустился только до 60+. Пока заливал пару гиг музыки, то поджарядился до 75. Всё это время работает в 4G, который в доме в разы лучше работает, чем 4G роутер ZTE MF286, поэтому в нём для этого смартфона необходимость отпала
    Экран выше всяких похвал, уже через 10 минут взял в руки Redmi Note 4, Mi A1 - их экраны кажутся недоношенными. К тому же нет никаких капелек, чёлок и т.д. К управлению жестами привык моментально, тоже огромный плюс.
    NFC. Попробовал подцепить свою банковскую карту РКО - и тут у меня челюсть щёлкнула, оказывается, что мой банк не поддерживает Google Pay. Правда, к великой моей радости, их приложение ничем не хуже, чем GP. Оплачивается мгновенно, стоит лишь разбудить смартфон. Определённо, работает даже быстрее, чем традиционная банковская карта с чипом NFC. Ну у меня это первый смартфон с NFC, дайте порадоваться минутку :D
    Камеры. Вряд ли я скажу что-то больше, чем обзорщики и те, кто дружат с фотографией. Для меня за глаза её возможностей, но тесты ещё впереди. А вот фронталка - это изюминка, реально классное решение, если не сломается слишком быстро
    Чехол. Он есть, классный, но почему бы производителю не сделать его с боковой закрывающейся крышкой? Полюбил такое дело ещё с Prestigio 5044DUO, потом на Redmi Note 2, 4 покупал такие чехлы - ну это же идеальное решение,

    Aug 21,2019

  • Mihaly
    Xiaomi Mi9T
    The phone arrived in 18 days with Eu priority shipping no duty,no tax. Excellent build quality premium materials pity i could not order the red variant when i was buying they have only the black,but also is beautiful.The amoled screen with excellent colors without notch is beautiful.Cameras make very good photos especially in daylight,the front popup camera looks futuristic and make good selfies.The fingerprint reader is accurate mostly i registered 2 times my thumb so it seems faster this way.It is a little bit on the heavy side but the size mostly like my Pocophone. The included case is a welcome gift especially because the glass back is slippery,i ordered also a silicon case for better grip until it arrive this will be good enough.The battery life looks good,for 2 days of use i have the phone only for 3 days so still testing.Call quality and internet and data connection also without problems.This phone is an excellent deal,flagship killer best bang for the money,antutu score when i tested was 212560,SD 730 very good processor and the 6 Gb Ram more the enough for heavy use,shame that they not put at least a hybrid slot and i miss the infrared sensor also,i was using on my previous xiaomi phones.

    Jul 24,2019

  • Honakave
    Bardzo fajny telefon z niskiej cenie :D
    Telefon zamówiłem 05.08, a otrzymałem 20.08, bez żadnych opłat, także dość szybko, najszybciej spośród chińskich sklepów w których zdarza mi się kupić elektronikę. Telefon dobrze zapakowany i wszystko było w najlepszym porządku. Wygląda bardzo ładnie, zwłaszcza tył chociaż dołączona obudowa go zasłania i niestety szybko łapie małe rysy. Wysuwany aparat jest bardzo sztywny i bardzo ciężko jest go wcisnąć do środka więc o jego wytrzymałość nie ma co się bać. Przez okres gdy go używam nie zebrał się kurz ani inne śmieci. Wcześniej używałem Iphone 6s (porównanie na zdjęciu) i od razu czuć różnicę w wielkości i wadze telefonu, sam system działa szybko i sprawnie, aparat robi ładne zdjęcia, odrobinę lepsze niż iphone, a 3 obiektywy fajnie działają i dają możliwość zrobienia fajnych zdjęć. Bateria jest super bo ładuje go co 2 dni ale przy mocnym użytkowaniu powinien spokojnie wytrzymać 1 dzień. Polecam ten telefon bo można mieć fajne urządzenie za małe pieniądze :D

    Aug 22,2019

  • Franz
    Still best smartphone on market
    After a lot of research and student collegues who recommended xiaomi smartphones, I decided to take the Mi 9T.
    I have choosen this one 'cause of the long battery life, the hidden selfie camera (for security purposes), best tests and the clean design.

    - Baterry life up to 4 days without a lot apps und connections (at least 35h with a lot of apps, videos, GPS etc. used); even with 1% the battery can survive 45min. when reading news ...and can survive a lot longer when not using any app
    - Speed; the speed is insane under any circumstances. Just when the disk is full it gets way slower and it is not fully working with touch.
    - The Camera is quite good especially the effects/filter and AI; Selfie camera is very good and it can be setted up, that the image won't be flipped
    - Updates; The 9T is still one of Xiaomis bests and gets still main and features/security updates (bought mid 2019)
    - fast loading speed:

    I guess when this phone gets to old I will change this one with the next T-Model from Xiaomi
    - When charging (tested with cable) the touch function won't work properly. Not that interesting for because it is charging fast; but sometimes you need to charge and use your phone. But then it takes way longer to open any app or just unlocking the phone

    Jun 03,2021

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