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Haz reviews
  • Al D
    Excellent Value!
    I was looking for an inexpensive Qi charger for a family member's iPhone 8 wearing an Otterbox Defender Case.

    I purchased this charger with my own funds from Shipping was very quick utilizing PostNL Priority Airmail: 15 total days from China to Ontario, Canada.

    The charger is good for the price. The Micro USB cable is of a thicker gauge appropriate to the higher amperage provided by QC 2.0/3.0. As this was intended for a family member's iPhone 8 inside an Otterbox Defender case which is quite thick. Charger works just fine in both orientations through the case. I cannot comment on charging rates as I have no apples to apples comparison or wish graph output with a clamp ammeter.

    This is a good value, and I am happy with the purchase.

    The only thing I can say I do not like is that the item is far too light. It is stable but a weight in the base would have been ideal. Perhaps something I might do in the future.

    Oct 08,2019

    Olá a todos a base de telefone sem fio Carregador Qi 10W QC 3.0 Wireless Rápido. Fabricado em ABS com duas bobinas e Led de indicação de inicialização, suporta o carregamento horizontal e vertical, compatível com dispositivo que utilize a tecnologia sem fio. Carregamento instantâneo, produto durável e resistente com proteção de correte de sobrecarga e elevação da temperatura. Eu recomendo.

    Hi all the base of Wireless Phone Charger Qi 10W QC 3.0 Wireless Fast. Made of two-coil ABS and boot indication LED, it supports horizontal and vertical charging, compatible with a wireless technology device. Instant charging, durable and sturdy product with overload protection and temperature rise protection. I recommend.

    Sep 06,2019

  • Eleanore John
    purely a nice thing to have.
    I have tested numerous wireless chargers for my Note9. None seem to be able to performance as stable as this one, what’s more important, I can use it with my phone case still on the phone. It is made of quality materials, the ABS body feels fine, convenient double coil design, charging and entertainment at the same time, relieve the pressure of life and work, and I use it every day at work to charge my phone, this is a great charger. Overall, I'm satisfied with the product. For me, the wireless charging is purely a nice thing to have.

    Apr 02,2019

  • Lilith Tom
    Perfect way to charge your phone and look at it at the same time
    I have purchased two of these Gocomma wireless chargers. I have one next to my desk and home and one in my office at work. They are perfect. They make a slight sound to let you know the phone has made contact, the phone charges fast and I can still look at it and check my next meeting or email while it's charging, at this time, the charger can be used as as phone holder. It just does its job quietly and quickly.
    I plan to buy another to give as a gift next time.

    Apr 16,2019

  • Ingrid Juliet
    Awesome wireless charger!!
    I love the fact my phone sits up to charge, instead of laying flat. I have an iPhone XS, and it charged with no problems with the case on. It's the perfect size for my phone. It comes with a cord that you connect to your charger. It can intelligently keep low temperature during charging, plus the overcharge and over temperature protections, make charging safer.
    It definitely is a great accessory for my new iPhone and a purchase I don't regret.

    Apr 16,2019

  • My Gocomma Qi fast charger
    Wireless Fast Phone charger Gocomma
    Received rather fast. Nice box and plastic protecion.
    Chages really fast with current. Tested on iPhone.
    Easy to use verically with possibility to follow screen info.
    I have now 3 different fast chargers now and the Gocomma 10W is the fastest of the three.
    I recommend this one.

    Nov 23,2019

  • Clive Harding
    Twin charging coil wireless charging stand.
    works fine with compatible smartphones. At 10watts this charges on average 3 to 4 times slower than a modern fast charging cable!
    Provided that your in no hurry this is a great device to use. Not only does it charge your phone, but it makes a nice phone stand/holder.

    Nov 13,2019

  • DJ
    great little desktop wireless charger. The phone detect the wireless pretty quickly. Charge no problem. Max output 10w, also depends on the charger. the cable that comes with a little short. Great value product.

    Aug 16,2019

  • Daniel
    Very good
    The package contains the wireless charger, micro usb cable and user manual in chinese language.
    Charging takes longer than the original charger, but it is normal because charging is done wireless.

    Sep 02,2019

  • Gocomma
    Gocomma fast charger
    I say in one word: perfect.
    Received rather fast. I use it wih my Samsung Galaxy S8 every night. Starts with high current ( about 1 Amp) and slows down in two hours till 0 Amps in 2 to 3 hours depending of battery level.
    I'm very happy with this purchase.

    Mar 16,2020