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Haz reviews
  • Stu Leventhal
    I had been looking for a good cord, however I can tell you that out of the box this cord is so thick and sturdy that I have paid almost twice the price for name brand cords, but the double braided cord is twice as thick, has a very nice protective plastic cover shielding the connection of the cord the the electronic plug ins, heavy duty enough to handle the weight of the cord, but it would be FAR beyond normal use, I am extremely impressed and would have no hesitation in purchasing additional cords

    Nov 07,2017

  • Sarah K.
    I love this long charger !! It is perfect for when you want the extra length and still need to charge, so this comes in handy to be able to charge and still use your phone while in bed, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a longer cord !! And am thinking about getting another one to use downstairs to charge while on the sofa, because I prefer the shorter cords for that

    Oct 01,2017

  • ScottA
    Nice looking and very high quality, cord isn't very flexible and very short, so if you've gotten this length due to a tight space say glove box or center console of your car, may be awkward twisting it between USB and your device

    Aug 30,2018

  • Andrew J. Welser
    The outer covering on the wire is a `` woven'' type of material as opposed to the usual rubber covering and as a result, but I wasn't about to let my cord loving cat near it to test that theory

    Aug 05,2017

  • LarsDe
    This is a very durable cord with heavy-duty casing protecting the internal wiring, it is perfect if you are in need of a charging cord longer than the standard length

    Jul 15,2017

  • Jim R.
    This is an excellent cable, with this particular cable, this cable is certainly thicker than the standard USB cable that ships with your iPhone

    Jan 22,2018

  • Memaw 43
    Wire is a bit too stiff and long plug grommets make every wire movement move the plug around in your devise on each end, I will not use for daily use

    Oct 03,2018

  • DragonXero
    The bright red color makes it great for traveling and for ensuring no one takes your cord by mistake

    Oct 13,2017

  • ErikI
    This is a really nice cable, and less `` plastic'' feeling than most cables, the color is silver grey

    Dec 01,2017

  • Janet S. Stone
    Best cord EVER BOUGHT !!! I will never buy another one from anyone else !!

    Jun 14,2018