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  • Tiago EasyPC
    USB 3.0 to SATA HDD / SSD Enclosure Hard Disk Box 5Gbps - TRANSPARENT Review
    This unit is impressive. I had some bad cases for this price but this one blew me away! The quality of it's construction and design are worth more than the 5,30€ that I payed for it. It comes in a nice acrilic transparent cover, which lets you see what kind of disk you put inside, even if the unit is closed. It also works very well through the USB 3.0, and has a blue light for you to know that it is on.

    - Very good quality build
    - Works really well
    - Looks very nice
    - Very cheap

    - The top acrilic part can be a bit tricky to put on sometimes.
    - The trasparent design might be a negative if you don't want others to see what kind of drive you have

    Summary: Would definitely recommend this unit if you want something cheap, but with good quality and you like the cool transparent design enabling you to see what drive you have inside.

    Oct 01,2018

  • Chad C.
    The matte finish of the enclosure is very attractive, the inclusion of an on/off button is also a nice added feature for various applications, the blue light on the enclosure while the device is on is perhaps a bit bright, and I've noticed that its transfer speed for even the older drive I'm using it for is comparable to the newer external hard drives I've used recently, I would highly recommend this for someone who wants to breathe new life into an unused spare drive with the quality and clean aesthetics of a commercial external hard drive

    Aug 11,2018

  • Ribeiro
    Giro e barato
    Fiz a encomenda no dia 15 e chegou hoje, 30 de maio 2019, a minha casa. A caixa transparente com os reflexos azuis é muito gira. Introduzi-lhe um HDD de 1 TB. A passagem de ficheiros para o disco foi bastante rápida. Talvez a caixa seja um pouco frágil mas só se cair ao chão ou algum choque desse tipo. Mas isso poderá até nunca acontecer. Não me lembro de, algum dia, ter deixado cair alguma caixa destas. Mesmo que isso venha a acontecer, acho que o preço compensa o risco. Até lá, tenho uma caixa de HDD externo bonita.

    May 30,2019

  • Frank
    hdd/ssd behuizing usb 3.0 naar sata
    Kwalitatieve externe behuizing, doorzichtig materiaal. Ideaal om een 2,5 inch hdd of ssd in te steken. Is kwalitatief gebouwd, werkt zeer goed en ziet er ook goed uit. Vrij goedkoop kunnen aankopen, ik ben zeer tevreden.

    Mar 02,2019

  • Captain Fuzzy Britches
    Quickly plugged in my hard drive from my old laptop and was off and running, I love that saving my old hard drive was so quick and easy, when it was first suggested to me I thought it would be such a hassle to do but hardest part was making sure I protected the hard drive taking it out of the old computer, this product was perfect for my needs

    Aug 05,2018

  • Meopatacca
    Prodotto valido
    Eccomi qui a recensire questo case esterno.
    Il case non è nient'altro che di plastica ma molto robusto preso in mano
    Non ho avuto nessun problema ad inserire il mio Hd da 2.5", in compenso ho avuto una leggera difficoltà ad aprile il case per poter metter dentro l'hd.
    Ho dato queste 5 stelline per il case, il cavo usb che è robusto e per il prezzo molto basso.
    Di certo per il costo di 4€ circa non si può pretendere chissà cosa.

    Dec 21,2018

  • Dragos Constantin
    Good HDD enclosure
    Ordered on 11 January 2019 - received it on 19 February 2019. The package was pretty beaten but the case is okay. Works like a charm with a 200 GB laptop HDD. Happy.

    Feb 19,2019

  • Widgami
    Greta SATA Box
    I received it a week ago and it works fine. Data transfer is OK. I put my SSD HDD in it and connected with my oled TV for 4k movies. Amazing.
    It was easy to setup. Just put your HDD into the box and click.

    Jan 22,2019

  • tis-diego
    Ottimo Adattatore Per HDD 2.5
    Questa unità ha una qualità costruttiva e di design superiore al prezzo d'acquisto. Essendo trasparente ti consente di vedere che tipo di disco hai inserito, anche se l'unità è chiusa. Funziona anche molto bene e velocemente tramite l'USB 3.0 e ha una luce blu per farti sapere che è acceso.
    L'unica pecca è la difficoltà che presenta l'apertura e la chiusura della parte superiore.

    Feb 05,2019

  • rylee s
    Computer instantly responsive to this enclosure, this enclosure is better suited for a solid state drive which - I don't plan on using for any purpose other than as a main drive in a computer, I can always leave the enclosure open and use a fan

    Oct 01,2018