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Haz reviews
  • Tina B
    This is a wonderful purse for me, I am retired military and love the green color that I bought, I love the cross-body style as it leaves my hands free to do other things when I am carrying this purse, It is just the right size for all the items that I like to carry with me, I love that it has so many pockets, I carry hand sanitizer in one of the small zippered pockets and a small flashlight in the other small zippered pocket on the front of the purse, The next pocket up from them is a very good size for personal items such as comb, The two zippered pockets on the ends of the purse are just right for a little package of tissues and a place to keep my dog's poopie bags, My papers no longer get squashed by other items in a large open purse, The main inner compartment is deep enough for my long style wallet, I also keep my pills in a zipper bag that fits inside the big compartment

    Oct 15,2018

  • dm
    I added a Velcro strap cushion and this bag was nearly perfect, clean look to it, It can give a more professional look or a more relaxed/casual look depending on the outfit you pair it with, The inner pockets were perfect to hold my rather large iPhone in one and keys, It looks great either extended for a cross-body carry or long shoulder drop on one shoulder or shortened to a shoulder carry under your arm, The fabric is so soft and smooth, It does have a nice inner lining and I was in a downpour and nothing inside got wet but if you were going to be near water with the potential for it to fall or in rain for a length of time I believe the inside items will get wet, like if pulled to hard it could be pulled from the bag itself, If my bag is very full and weighted down

    Feb 15,2018

  • iRodo
    I ordered the Large size option, I also normally have a packet of prepasted travel toothbrushes as well and plenty of room to include those, On the front outside of the purse these is a full length and height zippered pocket That is currently empty, Also on the front are two zippered pockets, There is a large zip pocket on the back panel that surprised me, There is room in the main compartment for a travel size umbrella, The purse looks more normal size on me its still a little large, If I wasnt carrying around that daily planner the smaller size would have been fine, I will likely add a emergency poncho and a small bottle of hand sanitizer, Pretty much everything I normally carry is in pockets and the main compartments are empty

    Nov 28,2018

  • E.penname
    The sellers/makers are two sisters who live far apart from each other and were looking for the perfect travel bag for walking around as a tourist, The mesh for the water bottle is thin but bit enough to hold a large water container or water bottle with a draw string tightener / love that it wont fall out, I wish it had a few more small pockets in order to organize the big pocket a little better or a few smaller pockets on the outside for just keys or something but really it has plenty of space, I love love this bag even without any smaller pockets

    Jul 15,2018

  • Timofey
    I have a serious handbag issue, two front zip pockets, they have a high quality look to them ... I know some purchasers had problems with the zippers but I certainly didn't, the width and length of the bag is generous so what doesn't fit in the pockets might fit there, the less room you have in the interior but still I can fit in enough remaining stuff - like pill bottles, It is well stitched with quality material and so reasonably priced it's ridiculous, What color / size do I get next is my only question, It's a wonderful bag !!

    Feb 24,2018

  • Raela Ueda
    Its surprising how roomy it was for the size, I put my cell phone in the pocket on the strap so I could whip it out for pictures easily without rummaging around in the big pouch and I loved that feature, The bag doesn't get dirty easily and laundered great when I got home, I especially liked being able to swing the bag forward under my arm while still wearing it on the subway and other pick-pocketing danger zones, That would've been impossible to do with a two-strap backpack without taking it off altogether

    Nov 06,2018

  • Yvon P. Gagnon
    Nearly perfect bag for general, The only thing I would personally change on this bag is to make one of the side pockets non-zippered with a pocket suitable for a water bottle, this is versatile enough and with enough pockets that I still found a place for my water bottle, I can carry all that and much more without crowding and in a convenient size, I got the purple-blue color and it's beautiful, I already had a bag made from this same material, so unless you put lots of heavy stuff in it

    Oct 24,2018

  • Matysek
    Poor quality Bag
    Only one of two ordered items arrived.
    The order was sent late and only after an emergency.
    The second thing was not delivered at all. The handbags lasted exactly one month. They began to tear all the handles, although it was not nearly used. I definitely do not buy !!! Now I'm waiting for a dealer to come up with a complaint.

    Jan 28,2019

  • LaurenG
    Perfect little bag for my trip, I'd been wanting a cross body bag that looked nice, I was impressed with how nicely this little bag is made, I'm going to go order a couple of other colors to have on hand for the right occasion, Was a cute crossbody that I had bought for a trip until the first time I used it and the clasp came apart and wouldn't hold when my husband tried to put it back together, It wasn't an option to send it back because I had no other handbag with me on our trip

    Jan 16,2018

  • Elizabeth Reyes
    This is a really nice quality bag, The material is very soft but durable, The bag is larger than I expected - maybe because some other reviewers described it as being `` tiny'', there is a back zippered pocket as well as two small pockets on the front that are good for chapstick/small items, The length of the bag is also really nice - I was able to fit a paperback book into it and close the main zipper with room to spare, and might even get another in a different color

    Jan 04,2018