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OLAF Bluetooth 5.0 Auriculares 2200mAh Caja de carga Auriculares inalámbricos 9D Deportes estéreo Auriculares impermeables Auriculares con micrófono
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OLAF Bluetooth 5.0 Auriculares 2200mAh Caja de carga Auriculares inalámbricos 9D Deportes estéreo Auriculares impermeables Auriculares con micrófono

- Negro sin cordón de cuero PC 1 China

Auriculares impermeables Auriculares Caja de carga Tws Bluetooth 9d Sports
4.8 69 Opiniones de Usuarios | Refiérase a descripción en inglés.
8.99 $14.99 40% de Descuento
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Principales Características


Compatible con
Teléfono móvil,iPhone,iPod
Sonido envolvente
Tipo de uso
En el oido
Las marcas
Con función de módem
Bluetooth,Contestador automático,Reproductor de mp3
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Opiniones de Usuarios

4.8 de 5
  • 56
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  • boreas
    It's a very good product. I've been involved in sound technology for a long time, but I haven't heard such an excellent sound in the $ 10 category, even with a wired earphone. Very good stereo stage picture, very good details, a bit of a "v" shaped frequency tuning - which doesn't hurt at all -, excellent phase flow, and the earphone's sound is not tiring in the long run. Stable, fast bluetooth connection, convenient use. The earbuds tips are good quality, if you feel like experimenting with other types (memory foam, etc.), maybe even better sound can be brought out of it.
    I don't know the operating hours and phone calls yet, it may be as much as what is in the description.
    The powerbank feature can also be a quick help.
    I can recommend with a calm heart, very good buy.

    Jan 07,2021

  • Art Dog
    Sound Great
    Bought these on a whim. I have never been a huge fan of Bluetooth Earbuds, just always preferred wired, still do. These sound absolutely great though. Very powerful, loud, and have a strong bass. Highs and lows are great too. Took forever to fully charge though. Was down to 40% after only a few hours though. I wasn't that impressed with their ability to hold a charge. In truth I'll probably never need them that long. Couldn't get them to stay in my ears in a some positions. I would definitely buy these again, may even buy a second pair.

    Sep 19,2020

  • PTB77
    Not ideal but OK.
    Headphones are decent for listening to music. Not a revelation, but OK for the price. The sound depends a lot on the way it is attached in the ear (you have to push the rubber bands deeper to hear the bass well). It is worse with phone calls. The voice is quiet and clearly worse than from the phone's microphone. Appearance OK. A big plus for a neat case for charging headphones, although it's a pity that it is there the micro USB, not USB C. The touch panel is a bit too sensitive (an attempt to fix the earphone in the ear often ends with an operation on listening — switching on, flipping a track, etc.). The battery is quite durable — I could not discharge it completely.

    Dec 18,2020

  • Yusuf
    beautiful earpiece
    firstly the box is nice. led information for the box and earpieces are clear and accurate. the box holds a lot of charge and can be used for a long time before it needs recharging.

    the sound quality is ok. the best part is that you can use left OR right. when one piece is about to drain, you can pick up the other earpiece and continue using including phone calls. I recommend the item. amazing value for the price.

    Oct 27,2020

  • Peća
    Bluetooth Earphones
    Although it is a high season for packages, I've received this item (with manuals) in just a little bit over 1 month.
    They are a nice-looking, practical carrying box with charging possibility for earphones.
    They are also a good quality product. I do not know their possible longevity but for now, they work excellent and I'm more than satisfied with them. With their special price, they are a bargain.

    Jan 12,2021

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