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Haz reviews
  • paulo55
    Night Vision Binoculars
    Despite very practical,lightweight with correct application in person.
    Very good construction, clear images.Very nice strap to hang it on the neck, we do not prevents when walking ,and of course housing for storage to prevent dusty, wet or anything else for their protection.
    Strongly recommend buying the product((the low price among the co).
    I have not realized any disadvantage for the hour, the time and the use of the future will show the durability of the product.

    Sep 04,2015

  • Александр
    average small binoculars
    For the money a decent quality, but not the best binoculars. With the change of the focal length is necessary to adjust the diopter to the eye. The optical quality is mediocre. Inside the case the lenses are seen some crumbs, which indicates the appropriate quality control. Binoculars come from Mongolia.
    Its main advantage - cheap and small.

    Sep 23,2016

  • John Nauman
    Very Nice
    You are going to love these binocs.... have a great feel to them...the optics and clean and clear... and I mean very clear... watching the wildlife around the house with these are a joy...very light and easy to focus...even the price was awesome...has a great little carry case so taking them to ball games and the such is no problem


    Jul 25,2016

  • max
    Great binoculars
    Small and light weight, good lenses for the price, come with a carry bag, easy to use and waterproof great for campers or hobby boating bird watching etc can't go wrong for the price!
    Mind you these are true starlight Night-Vision even though it says so in the description so you will not see in complete darkness. instructions are all in Chinese

    Jul 24,2015

  • John G
    Bijia Binoculars
    Small very easy to hold onto size with very comfortable rubber grip for NO slipping. All parts advertised came in the nicely packaged arrival. Excellent item for the low price. Would recomend
    NOT a night vision binocular as advertised to be,otherwise work great.

    Jun 30,2016

  • dedo
    BIJIA 12 x 25 Porro BK4 Prism Night Vision Binoculars - 83m / 1000m
    nice and small compact binoculars, bright image, very good zoom, i don't now about waterproof but time will tell, very good product maybe will buy more
    nice and small compact binoculars, bright image, very good zoom, i don't now about waterproof but time will tell, very good product maybe will buy more

    Jun 13,2016

  • Vladimir
    BIJIA Binoculars
    - good quality
    - good price
    - good shipping
    - best seller
    Not sight Vision as claimed. The strap is a bit flimsy.

    Jan 16,2018

  • Philip
    Good binoculars for a low price
    Great quality build, decent field of view with good quality
    Includes a bag that is very useful to carry the binoculars
    Cheap price
    I struggle to find out how twist-up focusing and right eyepiece adjusting exactly work and complement each other

    Jul 20,2017

  • millbreak
    very nice binoculars
    very fast shipping to Germany!!!

    small and lightweight item, easy to handle.
    Comes with a carry case
    bright and clear sight

    would recommend it!
    not night vision as described

    Oct 22,2015

  • Midhat
    excellent binoculars
    well build and looks strong and durable... heavy in hands

    small and easy to carry...has it own bag

    Aug 04,2016