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  • Shakumdown
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: US (2GB+16GB)
    Next Generation Network Media Player (NMP)
    Let me fist start off by saying before using these devices, I had a home theatre set-up with Sony DVD Disc Changers; one (1) 200 Disc model and two (2) 400 Disc models. Loading these changers were such a pain and time consuming. They were the only option at that time when you had close to a 1,000 DVDs. Although my Disc were stored in one of the Disc Changers, trying to find the location of a particular Disc I wanted to view took more time that actually retrieving the Disc from a bookcase where the DVDs could be store in some type of logical order. Even when storing in Disc in their original case, with family members they can become lost, scratched, stored in the wrong case and filed in the wrong location. When someone has a large quantity of Discs is when these types of devices becomes very helpful in manage access to the content. That's when I began thinking about a better way to make available not only my Disc but all my other content for home access using a media server.. My first media server was a Promise Connectstor II, it somewhat expensive back then, but did the job. But as time when on, storage space became an issue and maintenance of the hardware, which was proprietary. Had a few issue obtaining replacement parts at a reasonable price... So, I have been using Network Media Players for over 15 years. I remember starting out with the Roku HD1000, then onto the TViX HD-5000, TViX HD-7000, TViX HD-7010A, TViX HD N1, Netgear NTV550 and others... I have been using these devices to play videos/music/photos on a HDTV.
    - Ordered 2/16GB version, however, it appears that I received 2/8GB.
    * Internal storage displaying only 2.42GB as Total space with 1.27GB available;
    * NAND FLASH displaying only 3.28GB as Total space with 201MB available.
    * If I added the two together, internal storage could be considered approximately 8GB, so where is the other 8GB of storage?
    - Does not natively supports MicroSD cards, needs a MicroSD to SD adapter
    - When playing ISO, the unit experience shutter every now and then. (no, it's not the content nor the network, but potential an issue related to memory resources available within the unit itself)
    - Included remote needs improvement, such as strong/better IR emitter with broader distribution
    - Still trying to find a way to install Amazon Video App to view Prime videos
    - Took almost a month to receive the product.

    Feb 06,2016

  • Camel
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: UK (2GB+16GB)
    I have been using Kodi for sometime on PC running Ubuntu and Windows. This is the first time I try Kodi on Android and it really easy to use, just plug and play.

    Before buying the product, I posted a question on "Product Discussion" but it doesn't appear until now. I got an email in my inbox instead. My question was whether users could update Kodi and install / remove addons but the response did not answer my question.

    So the pros are:
    - Easy to use, even for the first timer.
    - Kodi can be customized and upgradable.
    - Kodi addons can easily be added or removed.
    - Free shipping is another thing to consider.
    - All customers questions and answers should be appeared on "Production Discussion" tab. It would help potential customers to find out more information about the product. Not sure why GearBest decided to filter out some of the question and answer in private.
    - Customer service could improve their English.
    - Somehow I could not toggle between full screen and windowed screen using the "\" key.

    Jun 21,2016

  • Maria Sekar
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: EU (2GB+16GB)
    Value for money
    1.Easy of use and operate like your normal android tab or mobile phone but with your tv as a viewing device.
    2. Instead of gaming consoles and media streamers it will be useful.
    3.kodi is amazing.
    4.Played below games,
    Angry birds (all the apps)
    Skater boy
    Brian dots
    Mowgli's run
    Fruit ninja
    Splash fruit
    Bubble deluxe
    One touch draw 1 & 2
    Cut the rope 1 & 2
    5. The office related apps are working great and looks great. Usaful for giving slide shows in meeting.

    6. Supports mouse , keyboard, usb memory devices.
    7. Ota updates.

    Overall good one.
    1. Not all the gaming apps are working so got some frustration but ok.
    2. Screen casting is not working properly.
    3. Its tv box but has camera app battery related messages here and there and so on.

    Jul 02,2016

  • Dave
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: EU (2GB+16GB)
    Android Box
    Pre-instaled with Kodi and add on channels
    Netflix works great
    Quick to boot up
    Great picture quality 720p (have an old tv)
    Three full sized USB ports and one mini.
    If you have any problems with Netflix connecting or browser certificates. Make sure the time is set to network time in settings. KODI crashed on the first day and reset the clock to 2008! Been ok since, had me puzzled for a while.
    Great box would have been better with a better remote and a UK power supply
    The remote is poor, unresponsive and requires multiple clicks to do anything, that's why I gave it only two stars for ease of use. Might have been a bad one? I have an Air Mouse now, which is a five star experience, yes its that good.

    There is no MicroSD (as clamed) just a SD slot, which stick out of the box 15mm when fully inserted.

    Mine came supplied with a euro style two pin power supply and a two to three pin adapter. I was expecting a three pin UK power supply as stated on the webpage. Customer services (which are usually really helpful) are stonewalling my requests to supply the correct power supply.

    Sep 15,2015

  • John
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: EU (2GB+16GB)
    Good value for money
    Not a high end device but it gets the job done and can easily playback or stream full HD videos. You can attach a wireless mouse and it is super easy to use, functioning great.
    Also you can download and play some simple games on the TV too (most of the games on Playstore can't by played, not by limitations of the device but because they can't be played only by mouse).
    This device transforms your living room and TV. Now you can watch movies, TV series, Youtube, browse the web, play games, listen to MP3, Internet radio, Spotify etc.

    Nov 03,2018

  • Craig
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: UK (2GB+16GB)
    It's pretty fast.
    Probably the fastest box I've had.
    Latest kitkat 5.1.
    I had doubts about this site. it said delivery 7/15 days as I ordered British delivery, arrived bang on 7 days. from yodel.
    I'd recommend uninstalling current kodi to jarvis 16.1 and put your own build on, or use pulse CMM, BEAST etc.
    Everything is in working order. the remote is also good where others have been quite laggy and hard to press. But a mini keyboard is also recommended. It Had a 34k+ score on antutu benchmark.
    It says 16GB Flash, but only had 10GB . so I dunno if it uses 6GB for the OS SYSTEM. but can always use an sd card so pretty sweet. sometimes it makes a jittery sound when going too quick.

    ANTUTU BENCHMARK test, 3D graphics constantly lagged, so maybe best for kodi and browsing. tested minions rush game on it, it sometimes lagged. Sports worked absolutely spot on.

    OVERALL it's a good fast android box..for £42 It's worth it..

    would I buy again...YES as I previously said I had doubts but the delivery was quick, everything was in working condition. Remote,cables. Now I've a few people wanting this box.


    Apr 18,2016

  • Zheko Zhekov
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: EU (2GB+16GB)
    Посылка пришла за 16 дней,что очень неплохо.Отслеживалась нормально через Trackchecer mobile.Первые впечатления от работы - хорошие.Иногда пропадает Wi - Fi.Через Lan ещё не прибывал.В настройках резолюция только до 1980-1080 на 60,может это зависит от типа HDMI,он у меня версия 1.3.Прошивка пришла с рутом,что очень обрадовало.Сразу по воздуху обновилась( Рут остался).В общем за свои деньги отличная покупка.
    Нестабильный Wi-Fi.

    Sep 28,2015

  • oadbylad
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: EU (2GB+16GB)
    Beelink i68 TV Box
    Just can't believe it
    I ordered this box saturday 8th Aug
    Here we are now the 14th
    Ive got delivery and its all set up

    Never had service like this before from a Chinese Company
    Will i use them again?
    Will i recommend them to family and friends?
    Already have done

    And were talking a top of the range box that some companies haven't even got in stock
    Not found one yet :)

    Aug 14,2015

  • Reticuli
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: EU (2GB+16GB)
    * Fast Octa core 64bit Cortex A53 (ARMv8) -RK3368-
    * Came with latest update OTA preinstalled
    * Kodi Player MKV supported 1080p/24p (HDMi 2.0)
    * Wi-Fi 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz -BT 4.0- (ABGN)
    * Android Lollipop 5.1.1 (multi languages)
    * PowerVR SGX6110 GPU (4Kx2K H.264/H.265)
    * 2GB RAM & 16GB NAND Flash

    ---- Thanks to GearBest for fast shipping and good prices! ----
    * Internal storage with NAND flash partition. (Beelink, why not use one large 16gb partition?)

    Mar 18,2016

  • Alexander Kuznetsov
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: EU (2GB+16GB)
    Perfect. As described. Приехало. Соответствует описанию
    Отличное качество сборки
    отличная аппаратная начинка (8-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 8 ROM, Wi-Fi два диапазона, Bluetooth)
    гигабитный LAN-порт
    Android 5.1
    не греется
    Работает комплект беспроводной мыши и клавиатура Microsoft wireless keyboard 800
    Работает камера в скайпе Microsoft studio camera
    Доставка курьером домой бесплатно СДЭК (включено в стоимость)
    Не воспроизводятся фильмы из плеймаркета (похоже HDCP защита не дает воспроизвести корректно), но трейлеры работают как надо

    Nov 05,2015