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Haz reviews
  • Alex
    Very good Mini PC
    Компьютер очень хороший и производительный.

    Из коробки установлена лицензионная версия Windows 10 Home с набором различных языков. перывй запуск происходит довольно быстро.

    Встроенный накопитель выдает скорость порядка 480/220 мбайт/сек на чтение/запись. Подключать накоптитель 2,5 дюйма еще не пробовал.
    Оперативной памяти в 8 ГБ вполен достаточно для комфортной работы.

    Пробовал запускать нетяжелые игры типо Half-Life 2 или Crysis, вполне играбельно на средних настройках при разрешении FullHD.

    Шум компьютер практически не издает, вентилятор остаестся довольно тизим даже при нагрузке.

    В итоге отличный выбор для нетребовательных юзеров, офисных задачиспользования в качестве медиа-сервера.

    Oct 15,2018

  • GOD
    Happy with my purchase:
    Solid build quality
    Very quiet fan
    Has windows 10 pre- installed
    Everything updated fine
    Quick computer
    Good disk performance 503 write 368 read
    8GB ddr4 ram
    Compact design
    No windows key but gearbest sorted one out for me thank you gearbest
    The top is a finger print magnet
    Sometimes lags for a second or two when opening new pages/apps
    All in all happy with my mini pc hope it lasts along time :)

    Aug 24,2018

  • Chris
    Awesome piece of gear
    I bought it as a core component of my home automation. Due to the perfect combination of RAM, CPU and flash, it makes the ideal platform for running containers for various tasks.
    I removed the original Windows 10 installation and replaced it with Ubuntu Linux. Worked perfectly.
    The system is very quiet and keeps very cool so it could be placed in a living area of the house as well.
    Absolute recommendation for whatever use case you might have.

    Oct 22,2018

  • Bruno Vieira
    Nice little pc
    Great for daily tasks
    Nice for htpc
    Great for plex server
    4K ready
    8Gbs of Ram
    Windows 10

    This will be my portable pc for guitar recording and playing live using DAWs like Reaper, Studio One and some VSTs.

    Received after 20 days. In Brazil this is considered a very fast shipping.
    Not recommended for gaming or intensive tasks
    No M.2 NVME slot for speedy SSDs
    Can’t upgrade ram
    Windows 10 (because we know it have some issues too)

    Aug 30,2018

  • loogies
    Very fast little PC
    I am very satisfied with that product. I had initially bought the product to have a media center but it runs much faster than what I expected. So I use it today for everything.
    I had added a 500 gb hd but I was experimenting some lags and gave up. I retried 6 months later and now it is working like a charm ( maybe windows upgrades). The 8gb RAM is really a must. I have added an HDMI->optical converter bought on gearbest because there is no SPDIF. I really advise this product !

    Dec 24,2018

  • Kolo Rolba
    Fast, quiet, powerfull.
    I am using this mini PC with my TV for playing movies, music, using netflix and youtube. I am also playing games on it from time to time. I am using wireless keyboard "Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus UK" with this pc and it is good manageable.

    With 8GB of RAM and extended hard drive, it's the best media center I can imagine.

    Nov 29,2018

  • Ivo
    Gemini x55
    Beelink piccolo veloce e fantastico.
    Aggiornato a Windows 10 1803 col download senza bisogno di aggiornare i driver.
    Collegato alla TV lo streaming col wifi a doppio canale è perfetto senza rallentamenti,
    le ventole non si sentono e scalda pochissimo.
    Usato come PC desktop non ha avuto rallentamenti,aggiunto SSD 2.5 tutto perfetto.
    Acquistato a 240 euro sono molto soddisfatto lo consiglio.

    Oct 12,2018

  • Mr.Spiky
    Tiny & Cool & Fast
    Really nice little mini pc. It's really good to surf the internet and work on MS files. I'm sure one could use it for more, but I don't have any need for it. It does everything a big model can do, only quieter. Really good product. Delivery to Germany was good, free of customs using Germany Express, took longer but worth it. So far I'm very happy with it.

    Sep 14,2018

  • A.T.
    Beelink Gemini X55 Ultimate Ultra
    Beautiful presentation
      Very efficient very fast
    Easy assembly
    Intuitive multifunction utility, already has windows 10 home installed
    Very complete, excellent graphics
    Worth having little disk capacity, but can be increased with the installation of a hard drive.
    I recommend everyone to buy

    Sep 14,2018

  • Kris
    X55 Ultimate , very impressive device.
    I am running 4K screens @ 60Hz without any problem.
    4K playback @ 60Hz without any dropped frames
    Legit Win 10 Home license. I am very impressed by this device.

    Sep 05,2018