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Haz reviews
  • Pawel
    Would never expect such a good product :O
    Before reading further You need to know that I am writing this review almost a year after I was getting them - still happy and they still work! That's important as many people are writing review within first impressions and we know that some stuff can break easily after days or weeks of use. Apparently it's not a case here so... Since Last September I was using them very often, 4-5 times a week mostly for riding on a bicycle and running.
    For so many months sun, rain (living in Ireland) and sweat didn't do any damage to the earphones and they still work. Would not even expect that :)

    Sure. Up close they look cheap. Remote feels far from being premium product. Plastic is hard but overall it's do the job that it meant to do. Can't really complain on anything.

    They charge a little bit to long for my test, up to 2 hours. The red light during charge is nice and bright.
    Ot beginning of the use battery lasted for 4-5 hours but now, more about 3 but again, you need to remember that they had many, many charging cycles to date.

    In conclusion: If I will loose them, I'll buy them again.

    Aug 21,2018

  • Anja G
    Come well packaged without any damages... earphones are great for the price... good sound... come with micro usb cable and some spare parts...

    Mar 27,2017

  • Georgi
    It's OK
    Very fast delivery (this time) - within 2 weeks from China (HK) to Europe.
    Good sound, good BT connection within 5 meters.
    Almost immediate pairing with the mobile device after the power is once on.
    Fair enough at the price of $15.
    A bit slow power on/off.
    A bit clumsy hooks, overall looking a bit too large.
    Battery life seems not quite good to me - maybe 4 hours of operation spread within 2 days.

    Apr 10,2017

  • Alejandro
    Perfect earphones for sports
    Very easy to pair with blutooth devices
    High quality Sound
    High quality materials
    Very nice and fashionable
    Very comfortable when using
    Battery charge
    The earphones have no charger on the box, only the USB cable.

    Mar 18,2017

  • Ramon Horta
    Great Product
    Great Product Quality
    Very Low Price
    Very fast Shipping
    Very easy to use
    Item Received as description

    May 20,2017

  • Carlos Esteves
    quality and price
    I really like the sound quality and bass. For a Bluetooth device. The negative aspect is the extra weight on the command side which makes it a bit harder to get the right ear well plugged.

    Jan 05,2019

  • Adam
    Wygoda użytkowania;
    Długie trzymanie baterii;
    Krótki czas ładowania;
    Daleki zasięg;
    Bardzo dobra jakość odtwarzanej muzyki;
    Dobra jakość połączeń głosowych;
    Brak możliwości wyłączenia opcji odczytywania numeru osoby dzwoniącej

    May 30,2017

  • adri clav
    Very good deal!
    Good price, very good quality sound, the batery is very good. Very confortable and low weight.

    Nov 06,2017

  • Eran
    Awei A890BL Bluetooth 4.0 Earphone
    just received the earphone and the sound is great for the price!!all thumbs up!!! I'm very meticulous when it comes to sound quality and this just pass the bar.....
    Nothing at all

    Feb 04,2017

  • Kostas
    earphone AWEI
    Good product, very good sound, the baterry keeps one full day,
    Value for money !!!

    May 16,2017