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  • Bubbah
    Very complete router with great interface
    I wanted to replace my excellent but aging Billion 7800n with a 5Ghz capable router.
    Based on the good experience I had with the RT-N56U (used in Access Point mode as a network extender), I went for this RT-AC1200 on Gearbest, and it's definitely a good deal for 49.99$

    You will however need to know these points before buying:
    The RT-AC1200 has a Mediatek MT7628AN chipset so it's unliekly to ever work with custom firmware like DD-WRT or AsusWRT-Merlin.

    The RT-AC1200 is the only router of the range (compared to RT-AC1200G+, RT-AC1200G, RT-AC1200HP) not to have Gigabit Ethernet and I didn't catch that point during my comparisons. Even for half the price of its siblings, I would probably have re-considered otherwise.

    Good to know:
    If you have troubles seeing the 5G Access Point with your devices, check the Professional tab under Wireless settings, and set the appropriate Region. I had to change this from China to Europe (You'll probably have to update the firmware to to see this option).

    + Interface well thought and easy to use
    + Internet access permissions can be easily set individually from the network map.
    + Good Wi-Fi coverage
    + Stable so far
    - Ethernet ports are only 10/100 BaseT!
    - No VPN server

    May 24,2017

  • Osama
    Great router for its price!
    -A dual-band WiFi (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) router for a good price
    -Easy to set up
    -Good WiFi coverage
    -The router interface is easy to use
    -The ASUS router mobile app is great, it can give a lot of options
    -The AiPlayer mobile app is good but it can only play music and can't play videos

    At the first i couldn't see the 5Ghz network but I've changed the region from Chain to United States and the 5Ghz network appeared
    -There isn't a lot USB Application like the printer server or Download manger like in other ASUS routers there is just a samba file sharing service
    -There isn't an AiCloud Service in this router
    -There isn't VPN Server
    -The USB is't 3.0

    Oct 10,2017

  • Douglas
    Awesome router / Roteador Incrível
    Very easy to set up, lots of options, lot of languages.
    I bought it to use as an Access Point, in this mode, the WAN port became one of the ports in the switch, 5 ports in total, the signal strengh of the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz is awesome, it covered some blind spots in my home.

    Muito fácil de instalar, muitas opções, muitos idiomas.
    Eu comprei ele para usar como Access Point, nesse modo a porta WAN se torna uma das portas do switch, totalizando 5 portas, a potência do sinal 2.4GHz e do 5GHz é incrível, cobriu vários pontos cegos na minha casa.
    When I bought it I was aware that this router wasn't Gigabit, it's a shame, it has potential but is limited by the network speed of 10/100Mbits.
    If your need is under this limit, go ahead it will be awesome, if you need Gigabit, custom firmware and other advanced functions it's not for you.

    Quando comprei eu já sabia que esse roteador não era Gigabit, é uma pena, pois tem potencial porém é limitado pela velocidade de rede 10/100Mbits.
    Se sua necessidade será atendida dentro desse limite, vá em frente ele atenderá perfeitamente, porém se você precisa de conexão Gigabit, Firmware modificado e outras funções avançadas ele não atenderá suas necessidades.

    May 10,2018

  • Luiz Gustavo
    Excellent Router (Asus Quality)
    Setup with support for multiple languages (English/简体中文/Česky/Deutsch/Español/Français/Hungarian/Italiano/日本語/Malay/Polski/Portuguese(Brazil)/Romanian/Pусский/ไทย/Türkçe/繁體中文/Український).
    Many advanced settings.
    Support Android App (
    File server - USB Stick (NTFS file system supported and multiples disk with hub USB), with protection by creating users accounts and read and write permission.
    802.11ac mode, band 2.4GHz and 5GHz, ensures speed and stability network.
    Signal range, expected more, for the price this too good.

    Oct 30,2016

  • Tom G
    Just received so still looking for best position and evaluating signal strength. This ac router was a replacement for my ageing TP-Link 'N' router which served me well for several years.

    First thing I did after I got this ASUS router up and running was to update the firmware. The router AUTOMATICALLY informed my that updated firmware was available. It was a simple one click to install with no surprises.

    It is also nice to have the 5 Ghz band to run a TV box on since my 2.4 Ghz band is fairly busy when guests arrive.
    2.4 GHz band doesn't seem to be any stronger than my old router but that is o.k. since it covered most of my home just fine. I will have to wait until guests come to see how it handles lots of traffic ? ?

    Router does NOT seem to like to have other devices attached to it. It took several reboots to get my BLU Cell Phone to connect to it. It took 3 reboots to get my Roku box to connect and would only work AFTER it was first attached by ethernet and then wifi. Figure that one out if you can, ha ha. My TV box on the other hand connected all by itself and I didn't have to do anything except change it to the 5 Ghz band. My spouses BLU phone connected automatically and I didn't have to touch it. .

    Moral of this story is - it might take you some fiddling to get this router to do what you want it to do.

    Jul 13,2016

  • Viktor
    Доехал быстро. С момента отгрузки до момента получения прошло 10 дней. Все что написано в инструкции соответствует модели. Есть IPTV но работает только в последней прошивке. Прошивки регулярно обновляются на сайте производителя. По серийному номеру без проблем зарегистрировался на сайте asus и получил полную техподдержку.
    Роутер быстрый (по сравнению с dir-300). По каналу 2Гц раза в два быстрее работает.
    Выходят регулярно новые обновления на сайте производителя. Производитель исправляет ошибки.
    IPTV не работало, пока не установил последнюю прошивку от производителя.

    May 30,2016

  • Brian
    So Great....
    I bought it for home cause our other router wasn't reaching all of the areas in my home. I'm happy to say it did its job. After a few online tweeks here and there. I got it working efficiently. Having the dual band is great especially if you have older devices. A minor downside you would have to login into the router periodically to update firmware. A really cool feature that I found out after buying it... is that there is a power switch, so you can turn off broadcasting your signal while you are away for a long period.

    Oct 29,2018

  • PjayR
    Soberb product
    Excellent product of brand super renowned. Superior quality with 4 long range and dual band antennas to provide better connection quality and greater bandwidth available. It has app to keep track of all information regarding the router and also adjust settings through the app. Superb and super recommended product. Top-end.
    The only "defect" is not being gigabit on the LAN ports. Which is not enough to be a problem but a quality issue Vs price. If you choose a router with gigabit ports, more memory and faster processor, you can opt for the RT-AC1200GU.

    May 29,2018

  • Vitaliy Dudkevich
    ASUS RT-AC1200 Wireless-AC1200
    Очень хорошо упакован. Быстрая доставка. Присутствие русского языка в меню. Легко настраивается, хорошее качество Wi-Fi, два диапазона, сильный сигнал. Сеть держит отлично. Рекомендую к покупке этот товар и продавца. Спасибо!

    Very well Packed. Fast shipping. The presence of the Russian language in the menu. Easy to configure, good quality Wi-Fi, two bands, a strong signal. The network holds perfectly. I recommend this product and seller. Thank you!
    Отсутствуют, разве что желательно бы полноценный блок питания под евро розетки, без переходника, но это мелочь.

    No, except that it is desirable to have a complete adapter for Euro sockets without an adapter, but it is a trifle.

    Jun 26,2016

    Conexão ultra e facílimo de configurar
    Conecta bem à longa distância do ponto (roteador).
    Pode ser colocado na parede com 2 buchas e dois parafusos adequados aos buracos para esse fim.
    Antenas moveis.
    Tem um excelente sistema de leds (luz) indicativos do status do aparelho.
    Não fica caindo a internet como ocorre com alguns de marcas ruins.
    Enfim, um roteador muito bom e por um preço bastante bom (na Gearbest) em relação aos valores vendidos em lojas no Brasil.
    Para se ter uma ideia comprando no Brasil ele chega à sua casa pelo valor médio de R$324,90. Aqui na GearBest eu paguei R$ 218,99 e o prazo da compra à entrega foram apenas 22 dias corridos.

    Mar 27,2019