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Haz reviews
  • D. Steager
    Absolutely straight.
    These Z axis accessories are great! Usually the problem with lead screws is that they get bent in transit and more so when they are integrated onto the stepper motor. The lead screw on this is absolutely straight and the motor works well. I would definitely buy these again for my next 3D printer build.

    Mar 09,2019

  • Erik T.
    Great Z Axis rods!!
    Took a huge strain off my z motors! Moves faster and with less friction. Used graphite lubricant and the nuts that came with it would turn with gravity alone. These are amazing!!!

    Mar 28,2019

  • seigafolava
    Excellent Quality!!
    Excellent Quality!! Lead screw is Straight and Accurate. My 3D Printer Z axis has been improved by this setup. Recommend!

    Feb 26,2019

  • Prisoner
    Looks great, now just to get the remaining parts for the project. The screw looks fine and operates smoothly. Well done!

    Mar 25,2019