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  • Meshuggah333
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    Great little computer for the price.
    If you're searching for a very compact computer with good performances for a reasonnable price, this is it. The 6700HQ is a pretty fast middle of the road CPU, it'll do all tasks fast whether you use Win10 or Linux.Gaming performances aren't too bad either, I tried Hitman 2 on middle setting on a 1680x1050 screen and it works fine (around 30fps most of the time). The power hungry WiiU emulator CEMU does play Zelda Breath of the Wild at 30fps with some tweaking, most other emulators works fine, even power hungry ones.I'd say it's better than Intel's NUC offering at the same price point , as you get that discret 960M graphic card as a bonus.The only thing I could criticize is that you need good performance RAM and SSDs for this thing to shine, don't expect a crazy fast system unless you invest into a Samsung NVMe and 16GB of DDR4 RAM.Outside of performances:The BIOS is very limited and looks like it comes from the laptop world. You can't set anything CPU and RAM related, all you can do is configure disk drives, and security.There's no documentation, no website with drivers, no BIOS updates, no real support, you're on your own.That said it's pretty easy to work with if you're technicaly proficient. I strongly suggest you use a driver updater software with this thing (like Stardock Ashampoo) as it'll get the drivers for you, no searching around the Interwebs.All in all, great for the price asked, recommended 100%.

    Jan 21,2019

  • George
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    Alfawise B1 Game PC is especially designed for gamers
    Alfawise B1 Game PC is thus in the presence of a device that has characteristics of PC for gamer, or at least a laptop PC for the gamer. The temperatures are properly managed, without exceeding 75 °c during the various benchmark test phases. Another key factor in my choice for this model is the presence of an optical audio output. This output SPDiF Is regrettably often absent on mini PCs, unlike the TV box which they are almost all equipped.This device is intended to replace the already excellent mini PC Hystou that I use every day. The PCI port is well-compatible with NVMe technology. One more point!

    Oct 31,2018

  • Sophia
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    Exquisite appearance, especially great for designers
    Alfawise B1 Mini PC is really well designed with an original, scalable and efficient design. This Alfawise B1 is one of the best mini PCs of Chinese design with a Core i7, staying affordable. This device is intended to limit the use of a large PC tower or even to replace it, should fill users wanting to own a powerful and discreet pc.For my part, the mini PC can be used as a design workstation

    Oct 23,2018

  • konstantin
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    Alfawise B1
    отличный мини комп Alfawise B1,+купил мозги к нему,накатил винду.игры тянет норм(видео обзоров и тестов на ютубе хватает)брал по акции,описанию соответствует,покупой доволен,рекомендую к покупке!Excellent mini computer Alfawise B1, + bought brains to it, rolled pulls norms (video reviews and tests on YouTube enough) took by stock, description corresponds, purchase satisfied, recommend to buy!

    Oct 13,2019

  • BrianSJF
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    Fulfilled my wish of DIY at a low cost
    Alfawise B1 is a barebone, for the price, it is delivered without storage, without RAM, and without bone. I installed the Kingstone 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD onto it by myself. It has 4 card slots in total, one SD card slot, two SSD card slot, one HDD card slot. I can expand the memory according to my needs. I like DIY, and it is economical.

    Oct 23,2018

  • Michael
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    independent graphics, silky operation
    The fact is that we have with this Alfawise B1 Mini PC With two fans quite discreet, and above all with a very convincing power. A quad core i7 With Four hearts Physical) 8 Threads (logic), coupled with a Nvidia GTX 960M GPU Makes this device extremely responsive.

    Oct 29,2018

  • Vincent
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    The SSD card slot supports NVME SSD
    Very good! the M2 port stamped PCIE is well and truly compatible with NVME technology! and, Windows 10 is cloned to the new NVMe storage. hardwares such as Chipset Graphics drivers,WiFi,Bluetooth etc can be installed normally,it is great

    Oct 29,2018

  • SS Malik
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    Best Mini PC for it's value
    Very good performance. No complains. Just running it with 8 GB RaM and 768 GB SS HDD

    Aug 25,2019

  • Dylan Smith
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    good stuff
    I have to say it's a good stuff to buy, I play game a lot, it didn't produce a lot of heat, better than I thought.

    Oct 27,2018

  • Stan Lee
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    looking good
    I bought it last week, looking good so far. Very affordable game PC, my friends want one as well.

    Oct 30,2018