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Haz reviews
  • Péter
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    Good product except the suction cups
    -Fast setup and stone switching-Easy to use, doesn't require any skill-I could use it confidentally after 20-25 minutes of practice-Fast shipping (7 business days)-Took about 12 minutes to sharpen a small knife-Took about 20 minutes to sharpen a long knife-Nice bag-Manual is OK-Spending more time with it can end up in really sharp knives (even the cheap ones)
    -Suction cups are awful, hopefully I can replace them with better ones from the local store (see attached picture). They can hold a bit, but you must keep pushing down the knife with a little force. It was no problem since the basic sharpening method requires you to push down the knife.-The 3 brown sharpening stones (180#, 400#, 800#) don't seem to be differ from each other except the markings on them. But still it is good enoug for a beginner like me and really worth the price!

    Aug 07,2018

  • Great results
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    Great results! No more unsharped knives
    With this system is easy to have optimum sharpenings for your knives. Also it is very relaxing to do it!

    Nov 05,2018

  • Alex Braz ferreira
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    Gostei muito minhas facas agora só ficam afiadas

    Jul 06,2019