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Haz reviews
  • Bob Findler
    AC - 95 Precision Tweezers
    Holy Cow!

    Talk about "Precision"? These tweezers come to needle-point precise mating tips!

    Honestly, I cannot envision even pulling an irritating hair out the tips being so small; but accurately pin-pointing something very tiny for picking up these will be surprisingly 'perfect' in comparison to most typical tools.

    Coefficient of friction being the final deciding factor to these tweezers' function is the best a user will achieve.

    Stainless Steel (non-identified grade) at the minimum suggests long-use life of these tools.

    For scale reference, check out the attached photo. Fonts appear as size 12 and 8 to note the tweezers' comparative size. It's shadow clearly reflects it's precise, pin-point dimensions.

    Sep 19,2019

  • Hamdy
    Ac - 95 precision stainless steel pointed + elbow tweezers tool beautiful
    Ac - 95 precision stainless steel pointed + elbow tweezers tool beautiful very pick up stuff precision and installed significantly when dealing with any devices electric really it provides the time and effort as this catcher black color ore metal beautiful very is characterized by force durability thank you gearbest the provision of this product is nice recommend to everyone to buy this product and guidance all friends with him
    No no

    Jul 08,2018

  • Nenad
    AC - 95 Precision Stainless Steel Pointed + Elbow Tweezers
    Izvanredne pincete, veoma korisne za rad sa malim stvarima.
    Pogotovo pogodne za lepljenje sitnih stvari.
    Cena je takodje prihvatljiva. :)
    Hvala puno!!!

    Dec 18,2018

  • Jan
    Precision steel pointed
    Proffesional tolls for repair small electronic
    +Quality material
    +Low budget (good price under 2 dollars)
    I din´t find yet, just buy and try for that low budget

    Jun 14,2018

  • Sergei
    Два по цене одного,пинцеты хорошего качества за эту стоимость,доставка быстрая…

    Oct 01,2018

  • realtree
    nice quality pair of tweezers
    Good quality, precise steel tweezers, perfect for electronic work.

    Jan 07,2018

  • Daniel
    ok van bene.Non capisco perché su una è stata cancellata una marca con un pennarello nero,che tralaltro sta male
    una spennarellata inutile

    Jul 29,2018

  • Matteo
    Pinzette di precisione
    Ottime pinzette, costruite in buon materiale. le uso per rigenerare gli atomizzatori della mia e-cig, sopratutto per inserire il cotone con precisione nelle asole del deck. con le punte sottili il procedimento risulta semplice e comodo! consigliate!

    Jun 06,2018

  • Janis
    Good quality, precise steel tweezers, perfect for electronic work.
    Laba kvalitāte, perfektas elektronikas remontam.

    Mar 15,2018

  • Smsan
    Bom produto
    Muito bom, funcionou perfeitemente.
    Cumpriu o que promete.
    Custo x beneficio excelente.
    Estou satisfeito com a compra.

    Apr 09,2019