Tronxy X1 Impresora 3D de Escritorio
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Tronxy X1 Impresora 3D de Escritorio


Permite Tarjetas SD para Impresión sin Conexión + Pantalla LCD + Alta Precision 0.1 - 0.4 mm
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Tronxy X1 Impresora 3D de Escritorio con Pantalla LCD

Esta impresora 3D tiene un volumen de150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm, diámetro de la boquilla de 0.4 mm. Fabricada en aluminio.

Principales características:
● Permite tarjetas SD para impresión sin conexión, especialmente conveniente cuando no se dispone de una computadora.
Capa con resolución de 0.1 - 0.4 mm de , de alta precisión.
● 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm volumen de construcción.
Capa de resolución de 0.1 - 0.5 mm que acelera el proceso de diseño.
● Pantalla LCD que muestra la información de impresión de forma directa y fácil de manipular.
● Estabilidad y fiabilidad mejorada: placa de acrílico asegura una impresión más estable.
● Soporta filamentos para impresión 3D: PLA, ABS.
● Sistema operativo: Windows XP / 7 / Mac.
● Impresora DIY 3D ensamblada para proyectos DIY.



Marca: Tronxy
Tipo: Máquina Completa
Área de grabado: 150 x 150mm x 150mm
cantidad de boquilla: Soltero
Diámetro de Boquilla: 0.4mm
Impresión en línea tarjeta de memoria: tarjeta SD
pantalla LCD: Sí
Material de apoyo: PLA
Diámetro de Material: 1.75mm
precisión de posicionamiento XY-eje: 0.012 mm
precisión de posicionamiento del eje Z: 0.004 mm
Peso del producto: embalaje (no ensamblado)
Certificado: CE,FCC,RoHs

Dimensiones y peso

Peso de Producto: 3.500 kg
Peso de Paquete: 4.8200 kg
Tamaño de producto: 34.00 x 36.50 x 35.00 cm / 13.39 x 14.37 x 13.78 pulgadas
Tamaño de Paquete: 32.70 x 29.70 x 15.20 cm / 12.87 x 11.69 x 5.98 inches

Contenido del Embalaje

Contenido del embalaje: 1 x Impresora 3D de Escritorio

Tronxy X1 Impresora 3D de Escritorio- Gun Metal US Plug

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  • Jasen
    Great starter printer
    I saw this printer reviewed on YouTube and decided to get one. It's not my first 3d printer ( I have a scratch built delta and had a prusa i3 clone that I scavenged to make the delta). I decided to get this printer to see what modern kits were like.

    it's really easy to assemble. I like V-rail. I use it in my workshop to make jigs and I have a CNC that I scratch-built from it.

    The Tronxy kit works just like the YouTube videos say it does. it's cheap and easy (and fast) to build. There are a few shortcomings, but with a little work, you can get a reliable printer for a very nice price.

    I have had very few failed prints (all while trying to print over USB), but I am experienced with printing. I've printed about 2kg of PLA with mine now...
    There is a design flaw in the gantry plate that makes the gantry too loose. I fixed it with a metal file.
    The Y carriage assembly was loose, but I was able to just tighten the wheels so it gripped the v-rail.

    most importantly, I received a bad power supply that melted itself. I will try to attach pictures. I didn't like how hot the power brick was getting, so I never left the printer unattended... good thing, the connector melted into the acrylic and the brick itself started to melt. I've since replaced the brick with a larger 12v 360w power supply that I had left from my old i3 clone, and used some anderson powerpole connectors (rated to 20 amps) overkill, I know, but it's what I had.

    the last con, though a small one, the print volume is... small... about a 6" cube. (14cm)... a little less actually. but if you just want to print some little PLA things and get into the world of 3d printing to see if it's for you, that's not a big deal.

    Apr 05,2018

  • Caverntwo
    A Small but Good 3D-Printer
    The printer arrived well packaged. The included SD-card contains a very good manual. No wiring of mains electricity is needed due to a closed PSU. The printer prints very nicely and accurate with no layer offset. The extruder and hot-end are very well-designed, already utilizing the Bowden-setup. Furthermore, the controller has outputs for both a heated bed as well as a part cooling fan, and the aluminum extrusions are of the European standard 2020 and 2040, allowing for possible future size upgrades (at least along the y- and z-axis). My printer arrived with 10m of black sample PLA.
    The most negative point of the build is the incomplete set of screws. In my case, the package lacked 8 plastic spacers, some 8mm M3 screws as well as a T-nut. Luckily, I could substitute all the missing parts. Furthermore, the printer has a lot of play, especially on the y-axis, which can luckily be fixed with some upgrades. The SD-card is not easily reachable, with an SD-extension cable helping a lot.

    May 07,2017

  • Mark sawdon
    tronxy x1
    pros: kit build teaches newer users how it works. operation is easy to understand. size is perfect for beginners. cost is excellent for starting into 3d printing without breaking the bank.

    cons: wobble in x axis was slightly difficult to overcome at first without access to 3d printed upgrades.. but with help of facebook community for tronxy x1, I was able to overcome in a few days. print the upgrades, it will teach you a lot about how it works.
    the tronxy x1 is a great starter kit for a novice getting into 3d printing. building it from a kit allows you to physically see how things come together and work and helps you in trouble shooting any issues later. you will want to print upgrades to this machine, and each will be a lesson about functionality of the device. I've had my machine for 7 months now and love it, I've already ordered another larger printer to work along side this one.. my kids and wife like being able to print on this too. Facebook has a tronxy x1 group that is very knowledgeable and friendly when it comes to answering questions and helping fellow users.. I hope to see you there and help you as they helped me... would definitely buy this all over again.. a great introduction to 3d printing.

    Aug 07,2018

  • Pieter
    It works!
    This is a great little machine, I build it in 3 hours. Order of operations where sometimes “wrong” in the manual but still better than what I’ve heard of many other machines. This is my first 3D printer and it was very doable! One complaint that I do have is that the pla that came with it was in 100 very small pieces thus not useable! But you do have to order your own anyways. Great little machine overall it’s printing right as I speak!
    Filament was broken

    Aug 11,2018

  • Sylvain
    Most affordable but decent 3D printer
    Great value fro the price, if you are not afraid to spend time and have to tinker a little bit.
    Nice first 3D printer, that may indeed be enough to fill your needs, or at least allow you to learn 3D printing at a budget before you get a bigger, more expensive printer.
    I needed an afternoon to put it together, however I lost time because of some little hardware issues.
    Assembly is not all, after it you need to do tests and settings tweaking, it will keep you busy for a few more hours !
    All the thingsI notice and that could be improved:
    The assembly instructions do not tell at all how to deal with the wire looms. There is not enough spiral cable sleeve provided, luckily I had some in stock (they should provide twice the amount, at least).
    Some small hardware issues like a missing screw and a butterfly nut that was NOT THREADED. Nothing too terrible if you have a stock of random screws and hardware.
    Pro tip: loose set screws on a belt pulley will give you a headache, make sure they are tight.
    The quality of the filament sample provided was catastrophic, the first test print ended in a shapeless blob of plastic... luckily things went a lot better with an other filament, still some tests and tuning to do but I printed my first half decent calibration cube.

    Jan 13,2018

  • Very good Printer
    Very good and cheap Printer Kit
    A very good 3d Printer. Easy to assemble, and with only 3 self-printed upgrades - you can produce very great prints! I'm really happy with it. I bought it as my third printer to print just PLA and wil ltune it for this material.

    I wnat to give everything 5 stars but the page doesn't let me, it seems like a bug, so please, see this as a full-5-star-rating!
    No cons so far :) Got lots of Screws left but thats better than having too less :D

    Jun 20,2018

  • Daniel
    Very good 3D Printer - Read my review
    This is a realy nice 3D Printer and in someway unbeatable for this Price. A whole new world opens if you mod some of the parts. Read my review vor more information.
    Not so much. The external control box is a bit odd. But witch a nice case mod the Printer can be a good locking printer tower.

    Mar 07,2018

  • Scott
    Happy Little Printer
    Setup in under 4 hours.
    Cabling to control box easy to tidy
    Very nice to assemble, parts do not break
    12v power supply and no hot bed reduce amount of cables
    After printing upgrades, is a good quality printer

    Everything green in the images has been printed on this printer
    No heated bed
    Some wobble on z axis, solved by printing upgrades
    Needs around 20 small parts to be printed to get good quality prints

    Feb 14,2018

  • ricardo
    Excellent item
    3d print ready, but needs to print some upgrade parts to improve print quality
    small footprint, but with 15cm X 15cm to print, witch for me is suficient
    Good quality
    I bought a glass bed, that is way better that the acrilich sheet It comes with
    nothing for the price

    May 01,2018

  • Ozziemandias
    Good small printer kit for low price
    Everything was OK except shipping. I do not recommend EU standard railway shipping method.
    1. Ease of use
    2. Ease of build
    3. Good, detailed build instructions
    None, except shipping. I do not recommend EU standard railway shipping method.
    As i wrote in Pros:
    1. Ease of use
    2. Ease of build
    3. Good, detailed build instructions

    Jan 17,2018

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