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Impresora 3D QIDI TECH LCD Shadow 5.5 S Impresora UV de resina LCD con riel de revestimiento de doble eje z
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Impresora 3D QIDI TECH LCD Shadow 5.5 S Impresora UV de resina LCD con riel de revestimiento de doble eje z

- Italia

4.97 34 Opiniones de Usuarios | Refiérase a descripción en inglés.
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Principales Características

1.QIDI Technology's latest LCD resin 3d printer, comprehensive leading industrial design, precision manufacturing.
2.Double Z-axis linear guide design ensures stable printing process and accurate printing results.
3.Shadow 5.5S is equipped with high-quality 2K lcd screen, which achieves fast curing through matrix ultraviolet light, improves printing accuracy, and thus makes printing result better.
4.Shadow 5.5S is the 2020 new model, upgraded air filtration system, each set of Shadow 5.5 S is equipped with friendly resin, no irritating smell.
5.QIDI TECH Professional after-service team,if you have any problem about our 3d printer,we will reply to you within 24 hours.Free one-year warranty (the 2K LCD and FEP film are excluded).


Tamaño del paquete (L x W x H)
Pesos del paquete
contenidos del paquete
Impresora 3D Shadow-5.5S X 1, plataforma de impresión X 1, memoria USB X 1, depósito de resina X 1.250 g de resina X 1, pares de guantes X 3, embudo X 5, manual de usuario X 1, kit de herramientas X 1, FEP adicional película X 1, adaptador de corriente / cable de alimentación X 1, máscara X 1, raspador X 1, destornillador X 1
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Opiniones de Usuarios

4.97 de 5
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  • Ray
    Worth Getting
    This printer has been by far the best and easy to set up along with an easy to use software, multiple instructions, and troubleshooting. The customer service after sale had been very generous and helpful at the same time, extremely standing to represent its brand and put customer first. I definitely recommend getting this product, already have my friend purchasing one after seeing the result. Here’s a result of a quick sample print I pulled off from Microsoft’s 3D model at 75% reduced in size.

    Dec 02,2019

  • Clever
    the prints are amazing
    I received this printer completely assembled in padded box. There were no broken or missing items. There are included instructions (in English) and a USB stick with an example print and slicing software for both Mac and Windows.I followed the instruction manual and the example print came out fine. I tried to make my own prints with the slicing software and had problems getting the prints to stick to the build platform. After five attempts (and five cleanups, releveling, etc.) I found out that if I hollowed out the model that it would stick to the build platform.

    Oct 24,2019

  • zkin
    A company that wants you to succeed
    What a great printer.
    Packaged great, good instructions and very easy to set up.
    Assembled in 10 min
    Read the instructions
    Leveled and set the z axis
    Poured in the polymer
    Loaded the file and walked away.
    No issues and a perfect print the first time. Couldn’t be easier.
    I have an X Pro from this company and it also works flawless. My prints come out to a much better quality than my friends printers and the company really cares and wants you to succeed. Customer service is excellent. I had a question and it was answered within the day. And they followed up. Wow.

    Oct 25,2019

  • Brain
    Great Hobbyist Machine for a Great Price
    I have used all kinds of 3D printers from cheap FDM printers to commercial grade Objet printers. with every printer comes limitations and you have to decided what you want and what you can live with. For the hobbyist, designer, engineer, and jack of all trades, this is a great place to start. The print quality is great, and the level of detail is astounding for such a great price. The system is easy to use and maintain. There is some clean up involved with the parts that come off of the printer. again this is a hobbyist machine and a little work is involved.

    Oct 22,2019

  • fole
    LCD printer
    1) INSANELY good print quality. Not only are the pixels/layer heights very fine, but the accuracy is near perfect.
    2) the DLP UV curing light projects an entire layer at once, so you can fill the build plate and the time is determined by just the tallest model on the plate. In other words, it doesn’t take any longer to print 8 than 1. This mitigates the overhead of having to clean and post cure the resins
    3) The printer is easy to setup and use, and the included software is good.
    4) The price. This printer is insanely good for its price point

    Oct 23,2019

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