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Tronxy CoreXY rail FDM Impresora 3d TRONXY X5SA PRO Titan extrusora Cara imprimible
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Tronxy CoreXY rail FDM Impresora 3d TRONXY X5SA PRO Titan extrusora Cara imprimible

- X5SA pro Delaware

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4.92 13 Opiniones de Usuarios | Refiérase a descripción en inglés.
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Principales Características


Tamaño del paquete (L x W x H)
67 * 47 * 19 cm
Pesos del paquete
contenidos del paquete
guía, perfil de aluminio 2040, perfil de aluminio 2020, bloqueo de pie, viga, tornillo de avance, varilla deslizante, kits de tornillos, kits de acrílico pequeños, ensamblaje deslizante, extrusora, kits de polea de correa, motores de eje X \ u0026 eje Y (con polea), Motor del eje Z (con acoplamiento), extrusora Bowden, asiento de cojinete, cojinete de brida, tuerca de cobre, almohadilla, caja de host, correa de distribución, tubo de enrollamiento, bridas, cubierta final, consumibles (Color aleatorio), cable de alimentación, perfil de aluminio sello, etiqueta de plataforma de impresión 330 * 330M, caja de alimentación 12V30A, pala, cable USB, kit de herramientas, lector de tarjetas \ u0026 tarjeta SD, X5SA El diagrama de cableado
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Opiniones de Usuarios

4.92 de 5
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  • Greg
    Good kit if you up for challanges
    Regardless of bad reviews - in general this is good kit. By no means this should be your first printer. Prep for tinkering. Time to build is insignificant in comparison to what it takes to print well model at declared volume.Took me 5+ hours over two day to assemble. The kit was missing top chain plate - a person who does the packaging damaging perception of in general very well packed kit. Printed taller one from Thinguniverse - must do it regardless if its present.On the day 3 got Cura 4.5 with Chitu plugin to insert preview image generate descent code.Pay attention to Z level, leveling and equal left and right Z axis distance - its a key for good print. Z level first, then do manual level and finetune with autoleveling. Cheers

    Mar 27,2020

  • Devin
    Fantastic printer for the money
    I received my X5A Pro last week shipping was extremely fast and even though the package came a little damaged it was packed so well there was no issues with anything inside.
    Building the printer was a bit of a project and I would rate the instructions about a 90% for being clear and well translated. Most of the issues I ran into were either my own errors in reading the manual or this being my first time building a kit printer let alone a CoreXY. Regardless of any issues I may have run into the printer powered up the first time and the prints it creates are just beautiful. I have very happy with this printer and would recommend it to any technically minded people I know.

    Jan 28,2020

  • Brandon Jackson
    There are no things in the rumor
    Used for 2 months,
    There is no online phenomenon of burning the motherboard.
    I saw a lot of negative information on the Internet before.
    But they are all comments that have been in the past for a long time.
    It seems that Tronxy has made a very good response to such situations.
    There should be a lot of people who are struggling with quality issues.

    Nov 19,2019

  • justin smith
    Good manual
    See this installation manual. It seems that TRONXY is working hard in this regard. All aspects of the installation are clear at a glance. Unlike the previous one page, you also need to go to the official website to find a structure map to compare.

    Nov 21,2019

  • Derek Lipinski
    Awesome printer
    Awesome printer, although many of the components need to be assembled by myself, but with the installed video, my son and I assembled the video step by step, and our heart is full of accomplishments. After assembling, I tried to first printing and I printed a little dog with TPU filament. Very soft and my son love it.

    Nov 26,2019

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