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TRONXY XY-2, el edificio profesional de impresoras 3D para casas para niños Toy Printing 3D
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TRONXY XY-2, el edificio profesional de impresoras 3D para casas para niños Toy Printing 3D

- XY 2 Delaware

5 8 Opiniones de Usuarios | Refiérase a descripción en inglés.
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Principales Características


Tamaño del paquete (L x W x H)
Los 52 * 45 * 20CM
Pesos del paquete
contenidos del paquete
Bastidor superior, base, fuente de alimentación, instrucciones, bastidor de filamentos, líneas de alimentación, cable USB, adhesivo de cama caliente, especificación, bolsa de herramientas, cuchilla, lector (tarjeta SD lncl), filamento, paquete de tornillos, acoplamiento rápido, amarre
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  • Roy Ridgeway
    Great printer with many features
    I have been using this printer for the past two weeks and it prints very well. First, the printer comes in a well packaged box from Amazon and was super easy to assemble with under 10 steps. The XY-2 is built tough, with 80x20 extruded aluminum bars and bent sheet metal. The print size is big, and has a textured plastic surface that holds down prints very well. In addition, this XY-2 has some really nice features, especially for a printer in this price range. These features include a full-color touch screen, filament runout sensor, and power failure resume. These features usually do not come on a printer with this price. Also, the print quality is fantastic and the touch screen allows for lots of information on the print job to be shown. On the other hand, not every printer is perfect, and this printer has a few issues as well. When I first took it out of the box, the XY-2 would not print after a certain time, there was z axis layer shift, and the printer screen turned off in the middle of the print. These problems took me a week to fix, going back and forth with the Tronxy support team, but eventually they fixed all the problems. The stepper driver voltage had to be adjusted to 0.8- 0.9V, the lead nut had to be loosened, and the micro sd card had to be formatted. After these problems had been worked out, this printer performed great, and I would recommend it to anybody who is willing to troubleshoot solutions to a couple of issues. Overall, the Tronxy XY-2 is a good printer for the price.

    Jun 19,2019

  • James Sigurdson
    TRONXY hasnt Failed me Yet!!!
    DONT UNDERSTAND THE NEGATIVE REIVEWS.This is my 3rd Tronxy printer my other 2 are xy-3s and all I can say is I LOVE THIS BRAND!!! Super quick setup only takes 10-15 minutes to build and setting up profile in Simplify 3d is super easy. ive tried other major well known brands that cost 2 to 3x as much and these printers blow them out of the water. Consistent prints, beautiful layers and it just works. IF YOUR A BEGINNER AND ON THE FENCE GET THIS BRAND!!!! TRUST ME!! I haven't had to upgrade anything to get great prints. and I have been printing tons of small and large items like this shield above. 13 piece print all printed on the Tronxy and almost no sanding required. literally a light buff with 220 grit and good to go. these things are like the energy. bunny they keep going and going. ive put several hours on them with no I mean NO ISSUES and their after sales support is awesome. very prompt response whether via amazon of the Facebook Group.BUY THIS YOULL FALL IN LOVE TO.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Christophe HOYER
    Great printer for the Money
    Impressed with this printer.
    The Tronxy XY-2 comes 95% assembled. Just a few bolts, plug in the electronics and make sure everything it tight and it's good to go.
    I had a small bit of trouble getting the X carriage tight but the company was quick to respond to my pleas for help.
    My first print was an XYZ calibration cube and I was able to play with some extruder steps and get a very good print. My second print was a tall thin cylinder and that came out pretty perfect.
    I'm happy with my purchase, this is my 8th printer and it has quickly moved into the 3rd spot of favorites.
    I've included some photos of the unpacking and assembled printer. I may update in a few weeks as I use it more.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Rahul Raj
    Can't beat it for the price
    This is my 5th printer and 2nd Tronxy (3 Monoprice Duplicator i3 Plusses and a X5ST). It come preassembled so I had it up and running in 15 minutes. Took a couple hours to get the settings dialed in, but after that I have had it running constantly without issue. The only upgrade I have planned right now, is a removable bed for $12, but as it comes with auto bed leveling, filament run out detection, a color touch screen, and resume after power off, It has a better standard feature list than the Ender 3 Pro printer for a lower base price.
    Sure you can get a little better print quality with a more expensive printer, but for the price, you can't beat it.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Danny Leonard
    Good printer needs work on customer service
    Printer works great but when I sent a request on specs of things I wanted to buy for the printer I got no response. The website was the same. I put a lot of importance on customer service. So make sure you do your research on how 3d printers work and the components.

    Changed my review after being contacted by customer service. Was provided with extra parts needed and hope to receive them in a few weeks. Hope to get also get a list of specs on the parts, could not seem to find them on my own after trying various versions. Will post and review again when parts arrive.

    Jun 19,2019

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