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  • sunshine64sm
    Interesting accessories
    For photo enthusiasts and those who want to experience new camera angles, these accessories at a very attractive price are the perfect choice for the beginning. The combination of lenses allows 3 different modes, namely macro, wide and Fish Eye, each of which is interesting. The lenses are easy to mount on the phone's lens, they are also easy to change from one mode to another. Because they are lightweight, they can easily lose weight through luggage, so the manufacturer also includes a bag in which they are kept.The quality of photos is pleasing to their price category, being for amateurs and those who want to experience new shooting techniques with the camera of the mobile phone. Care must be taken to mount these additional lenses to be perfectly positioned on the phone lens, otherwise a truncated image results.These lenses are useful for phones that have a single lens. Personally, I did not try to mount them on phones that have 2 or even 3 photo cameras, I do not know how the others behave in this case.

    Oct 12,2018

  • Szymon
    Phone lenses
    At first i was like, there are only 2 of them, where is the third one? It turns out you have to unscrew macro lens from the wide angle one. - build quality is fantastic for the price- lens itself is glass, casing is METAL!- looks fantastic in red version- all 3 of them work like they should be, maybe except wide angle- nice pouch for storing lenses
    Only one small con:- plastic clip is a bit too short, it barely fits Galaxy S7

    Apr 06,2018

  • VUP
    I was a bit skeptical with the low price and the numerous other products listed with `` paid reviews'', The lenses screw onto the main clip, I only had one lense that was a little wonky but it did eventually go on, I tried all the lenses to see what they did and was impressed, The wide lense looks fun but haven't played with it enough, The micro lens gets super detail but unfortunately you have to be right on top of what your taking a pic of

    Feb 12,2018

  • Nauip
    This is hands down the best quality lens I have purchased, You will be amazed on how much detail you will get using the macro lens, Plus with the combination of the lenses you will capture a better picture for any use you normally use your iPhone camera for you can get just about every combination you will need to take photos with your IPhone with this one device

    Jul 18,2018

  • LazerFazer
    Does what it says
    The 3 lenses do what they say. The macro lens allows you to take really close up pictures, and the fish eye lens provides a nice fish eye effect to pictures. The clamp for the lenses also works well, but your phone camera needs to be close to an edge. If the camera is in the center of the phone, this won't work for you.

    May 01,2019

  • Pablo Miguel
    3 em 1 lentes do telefone móvel olho de peixe grande angular câmera macro
    muito bom, otima qualidade, bom preço, chega rapido, otima fotos com ele, recomendo a todos, produyo confiável e de boa estética.
    nada não

    Jul 17,2018

  • Diego Gomez
    Diego Gomez
    Muy buenos y lo más importante se adaptan muy fácilmente a cualquier móvil con la pinza que trae, cuenta con 3 lentes y cada uno tiene una función diferente de regalo traen su tapones para evitar algún rayón y una bolsita muy practica para poder transportarse fácilmente a cualquier lugar que vaya, no tengo ningún inconveniente con ello

    Aug 25,2018

  • Adele Janine
    The gap between your camera's original lens and the ones you clip on will definitely result in some sketchy shots, I was most excited for the macro lens which is easily the most disappointing of them, Maybe the moment lenses aren't any better and it's a hat on a hat type of situation

    Mar 04,2018

  • R.C
    I thought the zoom would be better distance than it is and it's very hard to open the spring clamp to put it on your phone and it's hard to get it centered exactly on the lens of your phone for a good picture, Several of the lenses I saw hardly any difference between them too

    Oct 21,2018

  • jlconferido
    The product is much easier to operate than i imagined.just mount the lens on the clip, very is totally ideal for amateur photographers as professional one need to use the proFessional sets.i can use it to take my favorite photos when i visiting the park

    Feb 12,2018