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Haz reviews
  • Amoury
    Great product with various practical funciton
    I have a small soap dispenser from another company, his soap dispenser hold a lot more soap. It features 2 adjustable grades design, control the foaming rate reasonably and no more residue. It also has big capacity up to 250ml, so I do not have to refill the soap frequently. Automatic machine for washing hand without waiting

    Dec 21,2020

  • Alsion S.
    I have had three other types of soap dispensers. They all broke down within months, so frustrating!!! The last one I bought broke down in weeks. It also had a clunky as well. BUT this Dispenser really fulfill even surpass my expectation. It is much better than those old dispenser. Lightweight, easy to use and cost-effective.

    Dec 10,2020

  • Paul
    Easy to refill
    I bought this automatic dispenser over six months ago to replace a regular soap pump that broke.These are so versatile and made with care. They can be hung on a wall, the dispenser is easily seen so you know when to refill. It is really great dispenser and very simple to use. Great replacement

    Dec 10,2020

  • Express
    I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good priced auto dispenser.

    Dec 03,2020

  • Kam14
    Impressive thing
    For this auto soap dispenser, I have good things to say.

    Dec 14,2020

  • cakeNbacon
    Great automatic dispenser that I have owned so far

    Nov 25,2020

  • Greyhound
    Great looking
    Good appearance and very convenient to use

    Dec 15,2020

  • Customer01
    Big capacity
    It can holds a lot of soap and looks nice.

    Dec 14,2020