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Haz reviews
  • Annie
    Very useful
    This screwdriver kit is pretty durable. It has just about every bit that you would need for repairing electronic devices. I use it for my vaping tanks and mods. My husband uses it for mobile phone repair. It seems of good quality and the price point is reasonable. I hope it holds up. It's come in very handy on multiple occasions. The quality of the actual handle could be a little better quality but other than that it's great. Also the case is not genuine leather. It's PU leather so I won't last as long in my opinion.

    Aug 19,2019

  • Hakeem ullah
    A small and handy repair toolkit.
    I have ranked it high because of its quality reliability and cost effectiveness. built of very good material. precise bits easy to handle and operate.easy to attach and detach.must have toolkit in your home for your day to day needs. very cost effective item.

    Oct 30,2019

  • TheSTAR
    Ottimo set di cacciaviti tascabili
    Veramente poco ingombrante le dimensioni sono leggermente maggiori di un portachiavi fatto uguale.Le testine sono assortite e sono presenti le misure più utilizzate, il manico del cacciavite in ergal è ben fatto e ovviamente è preciso nel lavoro, se devo trovare un difetto non si tratta di un cacciavite dal gambo lungo una volta montata la testina. Rimane comunque piuttosto corto ma visto quanto è tascabile ne acquisterò un'altro sicuramente.

    Nov 25,2019

  • kl
    awsome screwdriver set. i use it for my e cigarette tank. have a lot of bits so i can use it every vere else. definentley recomend. bits dont break and dont fall out. fast shipping as always. recomend.

    Jun 23,2019

  • Elaim Tavara Ancagima
    Portable 25 in 1 screwdriver set
    The package arrived in good condition and the product corresponds to the description in the advertisement, in terms of quality is expected according to the price. The product seems a good option and I hope it will be quite useful. Thank you.

    Jun 08,2019

  • Надежда
    Набор отверток 25 в 1
    Наконец получил посылку, уже опробовал открутить винты торекс(миниатюрные) на смартфоне. Легко получилось. Очень удобный футляр, молодцы. Будут проблемы чуть позже отпишусь.

    Apr 11,2019

  • bogdan
    A set of 24 bits( and a screwdriver ) with a nice holding bag. SLim and very small to hold, they bits are good and powerful enough for laptops and stuff like that.

    Sep 23,2019

  • Misnad Haque
    It is my go to screwdriver when confronting small jobs around the house, most of the bits that you will general use are self-contained right in the handle

    Dec 17,2018

  • Mounsif Charafeddine
    bons tournevis
    très rapport qualité prix livraison en moins de 2 mois pas très solide mais très bon pour bricoler les petits trucs et surtout facilement déplacés ne prennent pas beaucoup de place.

    Sep 02,2019

  • bogdan
    A simple set of screwdrivers/ bits that work with almost any available screws. Tiny and good to have in your kit at any time.

    Sep 14,2019