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Haz reviews
  • Denis
    Sí (20) Color: Gray
    this is not a set Xiaomi Mijia, it’s Ming Tong Hardware tools production
    Покупал по ограниченной по времени акции,поэтому внимательно не стал изучать описание.Сразу скажу,что это не Xiaomi Mijia и тем более не в сотрудничестве с Wiha (как было в варианте с алюминиевым корпусом).На коробке только есть надпись Ming Tong hardware production и то,что этот инструмент можно использовать для ремонта аппаратуры и что фабрика - это профессиональное производство.Металл изготовления отличается от оригинала,качество изготовления так же не Xiaomi.Так же Xiaomi всегда пишут дату производства,тут этого нет.Имеются потертости на металле.Красная цена им 5$, но не 9-12$ как их продают!!!I bought a stock with limited time, so I didn’t carefully study the description. I’ll say right away that this is not Xiaomi Mijia and certainly not in cooperation with Wiha (as was the case with the aluminum case). There is only Ming Tong hardware production The fact that this tool can be used to repair equipment and that the factory is a professional production. The metal of manufacture is different from the original, the quality of work is also not Xiaomi. Also, Xiaomi always writes the production date, there is no such thing. them $ 5, but not $ 9-12 as they sell !!!

    Nov 14,2018

  • Wanja
    Sí (8) Color: Gray
    Not Xiaomi or Mijia
    I ordered this product because of a facebook promo and noticed, that it is different from the xiaomi wiha screwdriver set that i also own. I asked the gearbest facebook team if it is really a xiaomi product and they told me, i have not to worry, it is from xiaomi. Okay, so i ordered it. When it arrived i opened it and was quite disappointed. It is not a xiaomi product. It is from ming tong hardware tools. Compared with the original screwdriver set from xiaomi wiha, this one is much more less quality, you can see it on the first sight. It will do what it should, but the quality is not that good. I recommend to spend some more dollars and buy the original one. It is worth it, trust me.

    Nov 20,2018

  • S. Conner
    Sí (5) Color: Gray
    This is much more compact than a similar off-brand screwdriver I already have, i have to say that this is an exceptionally well-made product, it is easily operated one-handed and bits snap in with no effort at all, i was so impressed with the overall design that I'm seriously considering buying one of Wera's exorbitantly priced ratchet sets

    Oct 12,2018

  • Jules Cesar
    Sí (0) Color: Gray
    Unbranded, looks good
    Shipping was relatively fast and product was well packaged. Pros: + Magnetic bits and cover. + Size and shape. + Bits for almost everything. ...Cons: - No brand ! How can one say if it's really Xiaomi ?Verdict: At about US $11, Recommended.

    Dec 20,2018

  • Dorothy
    Sí (0) Color: Gray
    Aesthetically pleasing
    This screwdriver set is just perfect. It has all the necessary screws that I was looking for. It comes in a really good looking box. I liked the way the box looked because if you just glanced over it, you wouldn't think it was a screwdriver set. It is extremely easy to use because of the magnets and overall i love this set.

    Aug 24,2018

  • Frenchie
    Sí (0) Color: Gray
    Xiaomi Mijia 22-in-1 Multifunctional Screwdriver Set Household Hardware Tool - GRAY
    this set is awesome and super practical. the price was right and very glad i made the purchase, It has all the necessary screws that I was looking for. It comes in a really good looking box. I liked the way the box looked because if you just glanced over it,

    Dec 20,2018

  • J. Tidwell
    Sí (0) Color: Gray
    I have to say it ... this tool is fantastic, this is the PERFECT screwdriver to carry under your motorcycle seat or in your car's glove box, unlike Certain Other Inexpensive Brands' multi-bit screwdrivers, you don't need a second tool to pry the extra bits out of the bit storage

    Oct 22,2018

  • vlad
    Sí (0) Color: Gray
    набор инструментов
    хороший набор..это не wiha..выглядит попроще..но и цена поменьше.. биты магнитятся в отсеках.. для тех кто любит xiaomi и подешевле..весьма то что нужно

    Nov 25,2018

  • Tony
    Sí (0) Color: Gray
    It says that it is Multi-functional and it certainly is. It is magnetic which makes it very easy to handle when fixing the type of screwdriver you require. It is also comfortable to use as the handle is nice and smooth. Overall I found it a useful addition to have.

    Dec 16,2018

  • E. Lee
    Sí (0) Color: Gray
    You are wanting to downsize a troubleshooting bag as I did this will be a very useful tool but don't expect it to feel like a high quality nut or screw driver because it is a wiggly loose multi tool, still recommend and better than any other multi tool

    Oct 19,2018