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Convoy flashlights were expressly designed for discerning customers. A broad range of versatile, cutting edge flashlight solutions include tactical flashlights, UV currency detection, EDC functionality, and IPX8 outdoor designs. For power without compromise, Convoyyour answer.

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  • Очень яркий, хорошее качество, цена
  • Convoy have been the most reputable flashlight brand in several flashlight forum. And S2+ is the most popular model in all Convoy flashlights. Before I bought this one (7135x6), I already have 7135x8 blue S2+. After I received this one and compare the brightness, I'm surprised to find that this U2-1B 7135x6 is as bright as my T6-4C 7135x8. It's just crazy bright. It won't get hot too fast. This makes the highest setting more useful since you can stay at high much longer than 7135x8.
    If you own Convoy before, you know the Convoy built quality. This light has the same excellent built quality.
    The tint is much better than I expected. It's white, but not blueish at all.
    The UI is very flexible. It can easily switch between 3-mode and 5-mode. If you don't need Strobe and SOS like me, 5-mode can be hidden.
    Given the top built quality, latest emitter and the brightness, the price is so good and it's a great deal. Highly recommend.
  • great price
    bright light
    5 modes low mid high sos and strobe
  • It is always exciting to see things outside the specrum of your vision. You will be surprised how dirty your house is :)
    It can get quite warm but that is really not a problem because I had it run for weeks (with a power supply) without any issue.
  • + диод Ничиа
    + корпус Конвой ЭсДваПлюс
    + хорошая сборка